Is Floating Sandbox a Good Game? 

Floating Sandbox is a game about sinking ships, planes, and sometimes even cars. You can use hammers, bombs, chainsaws, and heat blasters.

image: Yelling at Childern

You can pick ships from the load ship button, but when you spawn in you get the Titanic. The water physics is amazing for a free game. The chainsaw tool can slice ships open. With the hammer, you can smash the ship open and sink it. In most ships, there is water flooding physics, and you can see the water inside the ship.

I love how you can make your ship in the shipbuilder. I have been making planes, and it’s fun. You have tons of materials to choose from. You can use steel, titanium, and aluminum. There are not a lot of ships to start with. So, the shipbuilder is a good tool.

The game is perfect for no money. However, there could be one thing that could be improved by having more YouTubers playing it. When Youtubers make a video of a game, their fans will play it. Then, they might need help to do something in the game. Then, other YouTubers make tutorials. All in all, it could become a well-known game in the industry, as its physics are perfect for a sandbox game. The game is a 10/10 for me because it’s epic.

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