What did the 707 do to the Market?

The Boeing 707 was one of the first jetliners in the world. The 707 led the way for a new era of travel; The jet age. The competitor, the DC-8, flew the next year. But the 707 made the passenger jet era thrive.

Image: Joe Parke

The 707 first flight was in 1957, then the competitor, the DC-8, in 1958. The new jet aircraft had the most advance in the world. It was the first narrow-body, long-range airliner. The wings were a swept wing design like the B52 and the B47 bomber. The DC-8 and 707 were meant for Airel refueling by the USAF. ( The United States airforce ) The DC-8 was not used for military use, but NASA has one that’s going away soon, but the 707 is still active for the US Air Force.

The last passenger flight on the 707 was in 2013. The 707 is the one that started jet aviation—leading to the 7×7 Jets. The 707 was a big hit, selling more than the DC-8 by 309 airframes. The 707 design was used on the Boeing 727 cabin and the 737.

The 707 max speed was 1009 km/h, the fastest for a commercial airliner then. The 720 ( smaller 707) had a flaw; the flap would make the plane roll crazy because the wing was from the 707. 

The 707 paved the way for newer, less fuel-burning planes. Thank you for reading this article. Please go read other articles on the website 🙂

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