Cool Math Games: Run 2

Run 2 is a game from Cool Math Games. You pick an easy or hard mode when you are starting the game. The game controls include the Left and Right arrows – to move left or right – and the spacebar to jump. You can jump further by holding the spacebar. You start the game as a small grey alien, and you have to go through each level by not falling to your death and keep running and jumping. As you get through each level, the levels become harder and harder; some of them can get infuriating, and a couple of them can make you rage. Some of the levels can get laggy as you go through new levels. The levels can get hard, but as you keep practising, you will succeed. Once you complete the main level, Level 1-25, You can go back and try to get bonuses. Once you click continue, you will get teleported to the main lobby, where you can choose what level you want to do when the levels are completed. Overall, that’s all I have to say about Run 2. I finished all 25 levels with easy mode and have just started using hard mode.

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