Ball Surfer 3D is a good game for the background.

Ball Surfer 3D is a great game to play while listening to audiobooks or music; it is a fun time waster that is actually quite relaxing despite the concept.

The concept of the game is quite simple, you simply roll downwards trying to avoid obsicales. It sounds frustrating but in practice it is actually quite fun and relaxing. It’s an endless runner, something that doesn’t have an aim that works in its favour.

The game’s graphics are interesting; they are mostly black with yellow outlines. Some blocks are black with red outlines, though they kill you. Lastly, there are blue gems. I think this is a nice colour palette, using the three primary colours. Some of the yellow platforms move, as well as some red blocks, making it harder for you not to fall off or get hit. There are also booster ramps that send you off to the next platform, and as you roll, it slowly gets faster and more red blocks appear. 

Ball Surfer 3D is a very simple game with a simple concept, and it works! It’s a good game that is best paired with doing something else; it’s rather satisfying when you get far, too. 

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