Uber Cat

Uber Cat is free to play on GX.games. Uber Cat is a game for 5-year-olds. That’s why I enjoy it so much. Gameplay is simple. You’re a cat and you just eat cookies(?) to unlock power-ups. Simple as this game is, I thought it was funny because of its slapstick elements. 

Uber Cat is the dumbest game I’ve ever played in my life but it’s so funny to play I’ll be laughing constantly because the game is just so silly. Uber Cat is a fun game to muck around in. Set in a low-poly city, you explore to find other cats, collect cookies(?) and unlock superpowers. It’s also completely low-stakes. If a car hits you, both you and the car go flying (completely unharmed, of course). The low graphics and goofy physics are just amazing for creating comedic moments. They make the game really funny and enjoyable to play.

Uber Cat is one of the most enjoyable free games to play if you just wanna play solo. At the time of playing, multiplayer wasn’t available. The developers should absolutely add multiplayer in the future because my friends all enjoy it. Even when they’re just spectating, they think it’s funny as hell. Thanks for reading!

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