“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

— Kevin Durant

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  • Apple Watch Pong Review
    A Quick look into a retro game that has never been easier to play.
  • No Players Online Walkthrough
    No Players Online is a small horror game that took the independent game scene by storm
  • Xbox Series X versus Xbox Series S
    Xbox series X vs Xbox Series S: it’s a comparison that we’re likely to see happen more often as stock of Microsoft’s new console reappears.
  • Loot Boxes in Video Games
    Should loot boxes be banned in video games? This article will be discussing why loot boxes are getting banned and if they should or should not be banned.
  • Commendations: 2021
    Whilst Yelling At Children is made possible by its amazing team of writers, editors, moderators and its fledgling social media team, there are some that go above and beyond and this page is about celebrating those team members. Level Up Award This is the penultimate award that is given to the writer that best encapsulates… Continue reading Commendations: 2021
  • Best Attachments for the AX50 in Modern Warfare COD
    Modern Warfare is a online shooting game that is rated MA15+. This article features the best attachments for the AX50
  • Toxicity In Gaming
    Gaming toxicity is when a player has a bad attitude and demonstrates their bad behaviour in a gaming context. There are different labels for different types of toxicity. For example, griefing which is when a player is disrupting or annoying another player. This includes team killing, stealing other players things, cheating, and hacking.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
    Warzone needs an anti-cheat to prevent hackers from ruining the game.  
  • Glitches Explained
    Everybody knows what a glitch is, something that happens in a game that should not happen, sometimes helpful sometimes not. They are mostly temporary and are caused by errors in the OS, bugs or viruses, or the application itself. Most of the glitches that occur are temporary, which means they will only last for a… Continue reading Glitches Explained
  • VR In Our Society
    7dx is an organization that works on implementing VR (Virtual Reality) into helping the society grow.
  • DDLC+: Is it Really That Good?
    Doki Doki Literature Club, also known as DDLC, is recognised as one of the best visual novels of all time. It was launched on September 22, 2017, and it is slowly getting forgotten. To prevent this, the Team Salvato developed a DLC called DDLC+ with extra help from Serenity Forge.
  • Why are Toxic Acts Okay in the Gaming Community?  
    Gaming communities are friendly and happy; however, sadly there is also a dark side. It is the toxic side.  
  • Planet Zoo: The Revival Of The Zoo Tycoon Genre
    Planet Zoo is a building management game made by Frontier Developments. The game is a tycoon of sorts, in which you build a zoo and fill it with very realistic-looking animals. You can either follow a storyline with the campaign mode, build zoos all around the world with franchise mode, build a zoo with certain guidelines in challenge mode, or let your imagination run wild in sandbox mode.
  • How Gaming Can Affects Us
    Video gaming is loved by billions, and it can affect the world we live in so I will be writing about what it is doing to the world. Here are some topics I am going to explore in my article: the impact video gaming has on society, how video gaming can cause social isolation, and the most toxic fanbases.
  • Why Overwatch 2 Will FAIL
    Overwatch 2 was just an update. Yeah, sure, the U.I looked different, there were two new characters, and half the roster was revamped, but that was about it. Now the game is going to have P.V.E mode implemented, but it was delayed which sucks considering how it was going to be the whole point of making a sequel. But after the launch of Overwatch 2, I am not hopeful for its future.
  • The Profiling Of ETHANvania
    This is a deep look into ETHANvania’s gaming and personal life.
  • Zero Hour Review: Underrated or Under-done?
    In this article, we review a fairly underrated shooter game the likes of Ready or Not and Rainbow Six, seeing if it deserves its current status or not.
  • Castlevania – A Great Start to an Iconic Franchise
    This article covers Castlevania. A Retro Video Game Platformer released on the Nintendo Entertainment System that is tough as nails and really challanges the player.
  • GTA Tips and Tricks for Starting Out
    GTA5 tips and tricks for new or unexperienced players.
  • Civilization VI City Building Tips & Tricks
    City building and planning districts is a core part of the game that is very important for winning games. That’s why I have chosen to collect some of the best tips and tricks that cover some strategies for planning an empire in Civilization 6.

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