“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

— Kevin Durant

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  • Risk of Rain 2 Review – Let it Rain
    Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent third-person, indie, science fiction shooter game developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox.
  • Rocket League Review – Flying Cars Do Exist!
    A short review on Rocket League!
  • Trainz 22 Review
    Trainz 22 is a popular train simulator game, mostly for simulating driving or filming trains.
  • Terraria Coffee Flavours Have Arrived!
    Terraria news article about the newly manufactured coffee!
  • Overpowered Character Design.
    “Overpowered” is a term you see a lot from overpowered abilities to characters and even overpowered glitches, but it’s time to learn how to do overpowered and even underpowered right.
  • Why League of Legends isn’t Dead
    The review starts as a simple analysis of the game and continues into detail about gameplay and my personal experience.
  • Terraria Boss Guide
    Terraria is a fun openworld platformer, it can be played single or multiplayer. In the article I’ll be breaking down the steps to beating all the bosses in the game.
    Katana zero is a very stylish game.
  • What Makes X-COM: UFO Defense Such A Great Classic?
    X-COM: UFO Defense has received many awards and sparked many other companies to follow in their footsteps to the point where ‘X-COM like’ games are practically their own genre. But how did this game grow so popular, and why?
  • Scrap Mechanic Review
    A short review of the open world survival craft game “scrap mechanic”.
  • The Undervalued Driver: SF
    The game Driver: San Francisco takes place from the perspective of John Tanner with his partner Tobias Jones. After a semi-truck hits the driver’s side of your car, you survive but are placed into a coma.
  • How to be Funny with Soundboards
    Warning: this article will explain jokes, therefore ruining the comedy. Read at own risk!
  • A Basic Guide and Review of Roblox Deepwoken: Verse 2
    Deepwoken is an RPG game, created by Monad Studios.
  • These Overrated Games SUCK, & you don’t care.
    Minecraft and Roblox are actually bad.
  • Fortnite: Review and Tips
    Released in 2017, Fortnite brought the battle royale game to the masses. Developed by Epic, Fortnite had made 5.4 million dollars within the first year it was released. Fortnite has more than 250 million players online every day and is a huge game worldwide.
  • Jinthree Studios breaks Universal barrier and drops amazing game
    An amazing tower defence game with creative and cartoonish enemies to fight, Broken Universe has a lot of great qualities to it which this article goes into, along with some of it’s flaws.
  • Roblox: A Review
    In Roblox, you can play thousands of games that can be made by anyone.
  • Call of Duty is Racist, and Why You Should Care!
    Call of duty is a famous series but it’s message might be more than meets the eye.
  • Why Team Fortress 2 Still Holds up Today.
    Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a class based first person shooter released in 2007, intended to be a remake of Team Fortress, with nine classes put into the roles of attack, defense, and support.
  • A Selection of Suggested Builds For: Stick It to The Stickman
    Stick it to the Stickman is a physics based rogue-like brawler, set in a corporate dystopia.

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