Whilst Yelling at Children is made possible by its amazing team of writers, editors, moderators and its fledgling social media team, there are some that go above and beyond, and this page is about celebrating those team members.

Level Up Award

This is the penultimate award that is given to the writer that best encapsulates what the Level Up learning experience is all about. They publish articles that are always the best that they can do. They follow instructions, and willingly participate in the peer editing process. They grow as writers and see the value in developing their literacy skills. They include all elements required in their articles and always do this within the deadlines set for them.

Level Up Award: YellowThing is a quiet achiever who always encourages his peers, writes interesting articles, always checks the instructions instead of asking the teacher, and is also a key member of the editorial team. He writes prolifically and always has great images and even some multimodal elements! One of the OGs. And in breaking news, YellowThing will be leading the Editorial Team next year!
The Editing Team
Sh1penfire, TheVoidSearcher, Yellowthing, Kwoopa, Nuclear43, Some.Arsonist, Domesticdodo. Absent: Key

Individual Awards

Most Prolific Class of Publishers Award: Level Up B
Back Row: Antfox319, YellowThing, WolfRito, Nuclear43, JA_JA_Chop, Sh1penfire, The VoidSearcher
Front Row: Immortalized, EthanVANIA, Kwoopa, Tim, Some.Arsonist
Absent: ZORXITRON, Key, Mammooth, The Gaymer, Lamp, SnaggyOpossum0.
Support Staff
Dom and Tim are the adults in the room (and we use the term adults loosely). They both love being part of the Yelling at Children team and look forward to improving and developing the subject for its third year in 2023!


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