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Gengar, a writer for Level Up, has been writing for nearly one year. He is a fan of open-world games; his favourite game being GTA V. The first game Gengar ever played was PUBG, which his friend showed him in China when he was just 7 years old.

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JA_Chop_Chop’s Profile

JA_Chop_Chop is a 16-year-old student at Templestowe College and is part of Level Up (an English elective), and a writer for the Yelling at Children website — being one of the “OG” users. He enjoys playing Minecraft, but also likes War Thunder. He enjoys playing with his friends as well as being a good friend to others around him.

NottJett Is Nott Just Another Gamer

NottJett, who is 15 years old and goes to Templestowe College, is a writer here at Yelling At Children. He is one of the new writers that joined the team this year. Although he joined Level Up, he didn’t join because he wanted to write about games like most, but because he wanted to improve his sentence structures.

Commendations: 2021

Whilst Yelling At Children is made possible by its amazing team of writers, editors, moderators and its fledgling social media team, there are some that go above and beyond and this page is about celebrating those team members. Level Up Award This is the penultimate award that is given to the writer that best encapsulates… Continue reading Commendations: 2021

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Toxicity In Gaming

Gaming toxicity is when a player has a bad attitude and demonstrates their bad behaviour in a gaming context. There are different labels for different types of toxicity. For example, griefing which is when a player is disrupting or annoying another player. This includes team killing, stealing other players things, cheating, and hacking.

Glitches Explained

Everybody knows what a glitch is, something that happens in a game that should not happen, sometimes helpful sometimes not. They are mostly temporary and are caused by errors in the OS, bugs or viruses, or the application itself. Most of the glitches that occur are temporary, which means they will only last for a… Continue reading Glitches Explained

VR In Our Society


7dx is an organization that works on implementing VR (Virtual Reality) into helping the society grow.

DDLC+: Is it Really That Good?

Doki Doki Literature Club, also known as DDLC, is recognised as one of the best visual novels of all time. It was launched on September 22, 2017, and it is slowly getting forgotten. To prevent this, the Team Salvato developed a DLC called DDLC+ with extra help from Serenity Forge.