ToothFairy Profile Piece

Isolated on blue background with clipping path. 3D render.

ToothFairy appears just like any other Templestowe College student. However, behind his laptop screen, you might catch him dropping into Tilted Towers in Fortnite or practicing for the New York ballet.

I Am You: a dissertation paper on the nature of life itself.

I Am You, the man, the myth, the legend. After winning cover magazine for “the sexiest man alive”, he has only risen in power. We spoke to him, live about his love of games, and what he thinks about the industry as a whole. (Special thanks to Microsoft for their excellent dictation software that made this interview possible.)

YellowThing Interview

YellowThing is 15 years old. His heritage is half Danish and half English. His family consists of him, his mother, father and sister. His favorite genre of games is strategy/puzzle games that make him think, like Civilization 6. His favorite games are Portal 2, One Shot, and Mario Cart DS.

The Games are Popular, but the Creators are not.

Although the creators are recognized in gaming, they do not have as much recognition outside of the medium. This article dives into the obscurity of the passionate minds that have influenced the industry.