The Fallen

Whilst they may no longer be with us, they will never be forgotten…

Gabe Founding Member

Whenever Gabe isn’t suffering from Genshin Impact’s Gacha rates, he’s playing Minecraft or Civilisation VI. Sometimes he even delves into the Sea of Thieves! Otherwise, he’s writing about games and drinking Monster to keep himself awake.

Vortex Founding Member

When Vortex isn’t kicking down doors and clearing rooms in Rainbow Six he is writing about his gaming experiences for Yelling At Children.

Shotts 6409 Founding Member

When he’s not playing the Titanfall games, you can find Shotts 6409 chilling out and watching some YouTube or a movie. He also loves his cat Lori to bits.

40Dayz Founding Member

40Dayz is either playing games on his PC or his phone, but when he isn’t he is either procrastinating of writing about games for Yelling At Children.

Ghost Founding Member

Ghost is a writer and one member of the editorial team here. Ghost absolutely loves writing, and has experimented with many different types of writing (…including fanfiction). She has played a lot of video games, but prefers platform games like Celeste, Mario, and Hue.

Sdweferg Founding Member

Sdweferg likes playing Minecraft on Hypixel Skyblock and when he is not playing Minecraft he is likes listening to iheart radio from the Epic Games launcher.

Shazza Founding Member

Shazza enjoys playing Apex Legends with mates on the weekend and when he is not playing Apex or any online games. He is playing singled player games with the music cranked all the way up.

CalDozer Founding Member

CalDozer is lazier than a goddamn stone in Scotland. But when he is occasionally doing something, he invests heavily into the art of video games and loves them above life. His writing is very OCD as he wants to get EVERYTHING right. He is very opiniated on topics like Star Wars and offers a fresh and candid take on things.

Jetred24 Founding Member

Jetred24 loves playing racing games such as Asetto Corsa and Beam NG, but when he’s not gaming, he’s busy writing articles about gaming.

Terry in Reverse Founding Member

After terry in reverse survived the firecracker incident, he developed a strange addiction to Call of Duty: Cold War, FIFA and is now being held hostage by a man only known as T.

Cowman Founding Member

 If Cowman isn’t slaughtering sheep in Minecraft or dunking on kids in NBA2K, he is writing about video games for Yelling At Children.

Arkstart1234 Founding Member

This lad enjoys the subtle things in life and games such as ARK Survival Evolved, Destiny 1 and 2,  Minecraft and Terraria, in his spare time he is either playing said games, cooking, hobbying or sleeping. He is average in almost every aspect except for strategy and thinking in times of crucial need. 

Juliusmy Founding Member

Juliusmy is a compassionate video game player who knows the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 better than his own city. When Juliusmy writes, he is fast and complex just like an Arabian horse in RDR2. When Juliusmy’s not writing you may find him killing some bad guys in Rainbow Six Siege or massacring aliens in Halo.

MrTwiist Founding Member

When MrTwiist isn’t breaking controllers over FIFA in FUT Champs, he is enjoying playing Rocket League with his friends and being absolutely dreadful at it.

GX Founding Member

GX is a part of the editorial team here at Yelling At Children. When he’s not editing or writing He can usually be found browsing reddit or playing one of the games he’s interested in, Whether its Arkham Knight, Minecraft or the online multiplayer in Titanfall 2.

Amingel Founding Member

Amingel has liked gaming ever since he played Skylander’s Swap Force on his Nintendo Wii. Now he enjoys playing Pokémon Shield on his Nintendo lite. Amingel wants to experience more games in 2021-24.

ChinaBob Founding Member

ChinaBob has always loved playing games since he was young such as Rocket League, Minecraft and Forza Horizon but when he is not gaming he is writing articles about games he loves for Yelling At Children.

Mosesiscute Founding Member

Mosesiscute loves animals and gaming. And he loves SCP.

Cold Heart Founding Member

Cold Heart enjoys playing FPS and could spend the whole day doing so.  Cold Heart’s favourite games from when he was young include COD and Crash games. Cold Heart doesn’t think he will ever stop playing computer games while listening to music.

Frogoblin Founding Member

From horror to first-person shooters, from RPG’s to cute anime sims, Frogoblin indulges in every corner of the gaming industry, and is always on the edge of his seat when talk of a new release that is on its way. A gamer ever since they can remember, Frogoblin can also be found tucked under his covers enjoying some quiet, drawing time with tea and pets, (while listening to animal crossing tunes of course!) whenever he isn’t sat in front of his monitor with controller in hand.

The Food Founding Member

The Food LOVES Minecraft and will play it whenever he get a chance. When The Food was dreaming about gaming (Minecraft) he fell out of the bed at year 4 camp. The Food also loves pizzas especially Meat Lovers and Cheese and Garlic.  

ZephyrusFounding Member

Although Zephyrus, one of the seniors in Yelling at Children, practically lives in the virtual world of video games, he also loves sports such as Table Tennis and Volleyball. He also likes listening to music like Bullet for my Valentine, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Smashing Pumpkins and other bands of the Metal, Punk and Punk Rock genres. Despite liking sports, Zephyrus is no doubt just another person with social anxiety.

N0VEX Founding Member

N0VEX enjoys FPS and driving games like Forza 5 because he has recently got the game and now spends hours drifting up and down the volcano in his red 240S. Although he also likes to relax and battle it out on Clash Royal, but he might be at work on his articles.

Lime Founding Member

Lime loves playing games such as Apex Legends, Minecraft, and Forza, but on the odd occasion he isn’t playing on his computer with his friends he is writing articles for yelling at children. His favourite streamers are the x2 Twins and he loves listening to rap.

Lemon Founding Member

Lemon spends his hours playing Valorant. On the odd occasion that he isn’t gaming, he is writing articles about gaming.

Rexyman Founding Member

Rexyman loves to [REDACTED] ,  but not as much as [REDACTED] with his [REDACTED]. Aside from that, he also loves playing [REDACTED]. Rexyman’s favourite school subject is [REDACTED] and loves doing [REDACTED] in all his classes.

Happy GrassBlock Founding Member

Happy GrassBlock is a Minecraft fan (suggested by his nick-name). He also knows a lot about computing.

EntityPlayer.EXE Founding Member

EntityPlayer loves phasing through wall and glitching the matrix.

Bilosophyz Founding Member

Everyday Bilosophyz wakes up ten minutes before school and still gets there on time. When he’s at home he can be found playing a block game called Minecraft.


NotJett is into fast quick-thinking games and gets lost in his games for hours at a time. When he is at home, you’ll find that he is always listening to music or is zoned out in a world of his own. He loves his video games whether it is raging at Valorant or having fun with his friends in Brawlhalla or Minecraft.