Our team…


Immortalized has been a long time gamer, and has been with Yelling at Children for a couple years now. The personality of Immortalized is quite a quiet personality. His gaming collection usually has some sort of vehicle driving mechanics within each game, otherwise its games with no particular goal in mind.


Antfox319 is a gamer who likes playing a variety of games. He also LOVES his food and will eat and eat and …. Well eat. Back to gaming, he really likes Terraria now, but he is constantly switching games. He really doesn’t have a favourite game or game genre. He even spends a lot on some games then doesn’t play it in forever. One game he always plays with friends is Roblox Bedwars. He does rage A LOT when playing Roblox Bedwars. He games on his iPad and Nintendo switch, and it’s a miracle that his iPad has survived this long.


A new writer, Aurelian loves strategy games and stealth games. Aurelian is excited to start writing for Yelling at Children because they have strong opinions and the will to say them.

TroublesomeTrout8905 Editor Badge

Trout is a crazy, trigger-happy, lovable guy who loves exploring open-world games and awesome irl locations. He loves staying in bed and gaming with friends but always enjoys roleplaying in DnD, petting his pet, and eating. His favourite games include Minecraft, Legend of Zelda: BOTW, and Trailmakers, and he is always looking for someone to play with.


Iggylop is a introvert who spends most of his time playing videogames. He loves to learn about history specifically the second World War which he finds interesting. He mainly plays strategy games about history such as Hearts of Iron 4 and Steel Division 2. He likes to play with his friends; however, he plays alone a lot of the time. He finds when playing games, he likes playing the underdog and overcoming a challenge. When playing games, he finds that it isn’t fun to be incredibly strong compared to others. Iggylop chose this subject because he loves videogames, and wants to improve as a writer, but the part he enjoys the most is that he gets to do this subject with his friends.

I am you

I am you is an ambivert who enjoys sport and video games and always has something to do at school yet not much to do at home.

PhoneyWill Editor Badge

PhoneyWill is an extroverted gamer who loves socialising. He adores Destiny 2 and is also fond of the God Of War series. His guilty pleasure is mobile games. He plays on a gaming PC on the weekdays and the PS5 on the weekends.

idk a name

Idk a name likes trains and gaming. His happy place is train simulators. If he isn’t obsessing over trains or playing video games, you will often find him asleep… dreaming about trains.


Jazilbazil is an expert at losing money on Honkai Star Rail, breaking his own 3d printer and unhinged rants about game and character design. He also plays Stellaris, Ace Attorney, DnD and Cyberpunk 2077. While gaming jazil usually watches anime, wishes he could replay ace attorney and spends ungodly amounts of time on webtoon (if you talk bad about One Piece, jazilbazil will find you).


MrHeeHaw is a kind, friendly gamer, who plays a variety of different games. MrHeeHaw also plays some OG games such as Terraria, Minecraft and Portal. MrHeeHaw has recently moved to open world games and first-person shooters. MrHeeHaw cooperates well with others and enjoys the company that is found from fellow gamers.


Nika is an avid gamer from Vietnam who came to Australia last year. Computer games are a keyway that Nika stays in touch with friends from home, and when he isn’t gaming, or watching TikTok you can find him writing articles about Roblox with Yelling at Children!


Dunet is an experienced gamer that first started his gaming career on the Nintendo Wii and 3DS, but now games on PC. You will often find him playing shooters, but when he might be found playing basketball or footy.


TheShakespeareanDuck is a fan of Ace Combat and other arcade flight games such as Project Wingman and knows that Belka did nothing wrong. OBC (Osean Broadcasting Channel) is fake news and propaganda made by the Osean Government. When not pulling 50+Gs in Ace Combat, he can probably be found watching anime, listening to J-pop or playing chess.


BurgerKingFootLettuce likes cars, especially hypercars.


I love gaming online and love the Fallout franchise (Besides 76) and hate all other Bethesda games (they suck), and my favorite Fallout game is New Vegas (for obvious reasons). And I’m also a Martian in disguise (SHHHH BUT DON’T TELL ANYONE).


I am a new writer on the team, and I love gaming, especially the Fallout franchise, but I also delve into other games.


Robot is a good username. Robot likes video games. Robot eats food.


I like listening to 90s and 2000s nu metal. I like bikes. I play drums and bass.


MrYharon got his name from a modded terraria boss, Jungle Dragon Yharon, the third last boss of the game. Mr Yharon also finds birds very interesting and cute.


I love playing Microsoft Flight 2020. My favourite console is the Xbox series X. My other hobbies are model kits and cats.


TheBaguetteLord is a casual gamer who enjoys adventure games like Minecraft and Crosscode and occasionally horror games like Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. They’re good at reacting quickly and button-mashing but cannot aim a shot for the life of them.


JrColddd likes Fortnite and building PCs. He likes messing around with his brother in games. They like having fun with friends outside gaming by going bike riding, fishing and driving cars. He loves the Nissan Skyline R32 or R34.


Moonbark loves basketball and used to love NBA 2k before the downfall of basketball online. Now Moonbark loves to play Fortnite, Forza and Seige with his friends. He loves playing outside with his friends, who always bring a basketball. Moonbark will always have a place in his heart for Forza; he loves that game but not as much as Fortnite. Moonbark has been playing Fortnite for seven years since season 2; that’s all about Moonbark.


Marster772 is interested in the field of game design. They are always up for the challenge of breaking a game down to its core or breaking it apart; their creativity leads them to enjoy level creation and especially game modding often. Their favourite game is Celeste, and they often work on mods and creations for that game and many others.


HIDEY_RUNNYpigs is a human who likes to play videogames, but has a limit of 2 hours a week, and is only allowed to play from Friday-Sunday. When he does play though he often dies the first second he joins. For the rest of his time he does homework from extra school and makes scale models (that look very unrealistic). His favorite games is WarThunder even though barely any of his friends play it with him…


Goob likes [insert list of games here].


Night_Wolf does not really like to do hand writing. Night_Wolf likes to play computer games in class to learn what to write about. The best thing about Night_Wolf is that he hates writing so much that he will do no work for the whole day.