Our team…

Kwoopa Founding Member

Kwoopa is an introverted gamer who doesn’t leave his bedroom and only comes out for food, school and to pet his cat. He likes Animal Crossing and Mortal Kombat and is an article writer for Yelling at Children. During the weekends, he stays in his room playing videogames for hours. Kwoopa also likes Anime.

YellowThing Founding Member

Yellow, an editor for Yelling at Children, has been writing articles on this website for over a year. He plays a wide variety of games from Portal to Half Life, from Civilization to Smash Bros. He enjoys using any spare time to play games, cook, sleep or just have fun with his friends.

EthanVANIA Founding Member

EthanVANIA is a Retro gamer who really enjoys Retro games, he enjoys modern games as well, but prefers retro. He is also a video game nerd (like seriously he knows about Super Metroid which was released in 1994 on the Super Nintendo and was a huge success to critics and fans alike) and he really enjoys reviewing these games as well as doing in-depth analyses about them.

Maverick Founding Member

Maverick has been playing PC games for 3 years. He wont stop playing games until someone drags him from away from the keyboard! He is always open to new games and new content.

Domesticdodo Founding Member

Domesticdodo enjoys playing co-op games with his friends, but also enjoys some single player games. Right now he is playing too much From the Depths

Thegaymer Founding Member

Thegaymer, a quirky trans girl, loves fighting games, open-word games and fantasy games. She plays D’n’D and watches a lot of anime.

Key🗝 Founding Member

Key🗝 is a big time gamer, so when he has nothing better to do you can usually find him playing games. But when that gets old he he can be found writing for Yelling At Children like he has since it’s creation.

JA_Chop_Chop Founding Member

Ja_Chop_Chop loves Minecraft, Battlefront 2 and spends a LOT of time on gaming and has no life outside of gaming.  

Ghost Writer Founding Member

Ghost Writer plays games like COD, RDR2 and Battlefield 5. He often spends five hours a day playing these games and when he isn’t gaming he is boxing.

Nuclear43 Founding Member

Nuclear43, someone who has been writing at Yelling at Children for one year, goes by numerous other names depending on where you find him. He is currently (at the time of writing this) developing two Terraria mods. He is also messing around with level editors like BCU. He likes old(ish) flash games like Monster Frontier or Crystal Story.

SnaggyOpossum0 Founding Member

 Snaggy is someone who enjoys the outdoors parkour and many physical activities, He also enjoys gaming! You might, on the slight chance, catch him playing Minecraft, R6 and many other games.

Lamp Founding Member

Lamp, a lazy VR gamer, loves to play games especially VR games! If he is not nerding out in VR he is probably playing Forza or modded Assetto Corsa.

TheVoidSearcher Founding Member

TheVoidsearcher is a very versatile gamer who plays a variety of games depending on how he’s feeling. He also likes to write, so he uses his knowledge as one of the original ‘Yellers At Children’ and a member of the editorial team to write about whatever he is enjoying.

WolfRito Founding Member

WolfRito is an absolute Nintendo stan and would proudly boast about beating a baby in Super Smash Bros. Also If you have a shiny Snorlax, WolfRito wants to trade for it!

AussieTerrarian07 Founding Member

AussieTerrarian07 likes playing games and watching House also Chairman Xi Jinping is his bae.

Sheeb Founding Member

Sheeb likes to occupy their spare time with food, games and sleep. But when they aren’t wasting their life away, they enjoy reading, writing and playing music.

ZORXITRON Founding Member

ZORXITRON likes to play the game Apex Legends, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Minecraft. Some of ZORXITRON’s hobbies are gaming, baseball, movies and the air force.

Toyota123 Founding Member

Toyota123 likes to play games, write about games, read about games and talk about games.

TekkZer_TB Founding Member

TekkZer_TB went from Mario Kart Wii and destroying consoles with chocolate coins (yes.. coins made out of chocolate *facepalm*) to become a bigger disappointment by playing FPS and Pokémon. Well, at least he likes video games and isn’t that bad of a person?

Beach73 Founding Member

Beach73 games a lot because he finds fun and enjoyment from them. He will sit at his desk for hours and will just play. There are no guidelines when he plays. It is just crashing cars and trying to hit trick shots.

GSP Founding Member

If GSP isn’t racing through San Andreas with friends in GTA V, or fighting against impossible enemies all alone in Dark Souls, he’s writing about and reviewing his favourite games for Yelling At Children.


Immortalized enjoys playing video games either on his laptop or on his PS4.  When Immortalized plays the game Garry’s Mod, he will spawn in a vehicle, in this case a car, and then he would go into the “Tools” section of the spawn menu and spawn in a camera to attach to the vehicle. Then after all that, he would get into the car and start driving while looking through the camera’s point of view. Immortalized is the type of guy who enjoys playing games while giving himself the feeling of being in a film.

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is a tenacious gamer. He never gives up until he has learnt or mastered what he is focusing on! He loves to eat food while he demolishes in 2k22 and Call of Duty. He also enjoys nerding-out playing Basketball IRL. He is a total sports nerd.


Mamooth only had one purpose in life and that was to game. Thanks to Yelling At Children, now he has two.


SightlessWolf is a blind gamer. He likes all games that are accessible and despises those that aren’t. In his spare time, he likes computer programming and electronic music production. He plays Hearthstone and Mortal Kombat.


Word likes FPS games and playing CSGO. On the weekend, you will find him in the basement playing FPS games and eating cantaloupe.

Bang tan xiao kun

Bing tang xiao kun play’s Genshin Impact and he is the first person that doesn’t pay for the game and can still get more than seventy thousand primogems! He strongly encourages people to not put too much money into the game.


Giao, who is from China, plays of League Of Legends, but now Giao prefers to be playing Sea of Thieves with friends. They are a very nice and kind player and often visit single-player and tolls are collected. They enjoy robbing other ships especially if they can make their prey rage quit.

The Milk Man

The Milk Man spends their time collecting games and playing Dead Cells. They will almost always win at Mario Kart Wii. They also own over 15 consoles, mostly Xboxs and Playstations, but they also have quite a few Nintendo consoles including: The Super Famicom, Wii, Wii u, Gameboy advanced SP, and even an Amiga 500!


SigmaSloth55 is just a guy who likes playing Apex and having fun with his friends. He also loves a good video game campaign, and he will always dive as deep as he can into the abyss we call video game logic, to source out the best content to help you decide if you should pre-order that new Call of Duty game or not!


BobDestroyerOfWords has been playing games for a while and does not prefer any genre though he does play lots of games like Halo, Splitgate, Soul knight, Minecraft, and Terraria. He also loves to play tennis and cooks lots of food.


Some.Arsonist is introverted and socially anxious, and would rather spend up to six hours playing Genshin Impact than spend any amount of time on social interaction. They occasionally play Destiny 2, and very rarely Minecraft. They also enjoy writing and reading a variety of different genres.


Gengar has a lot of favourite games. For example: Rainbow Six SiegePokémon Legends: Arceus and Forza Horizon 4 and 5. When he eventually stops play Rainbow Six Siege he will play Teamfight Tactics.


winstin65 is a PS4 gamer who mostly plays Fortnite, PUBG, and Riders Republike. He is turning 16, and when he finishes school he is going to be a YouTuber . One day, he hopes to drive an old VW Combi with a solar panel and adventure around Europe.


Sh1penfire enjoys programming and game related activities and won’t stop ranting on about Game Design. He often has a severe lack of funny, but he enjoys reviewing games he likes for Yelling at Children. You can find him in his room going on five hour stakeouts with his imaginary friends watching for a blade of grass to fly by.

The Analyst

The Analyst is a member of the editing team at Yelling at Children. He likes to write novels and reviews more than other types of literature. He also enjoys playing all kinds of different games: from RPGs to battle royales. Currently, he has three favourite games, being Marvel’s Spider-ManGod of War 2018, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. He also enjoys practicing flips and martial arts in real life although he claims not to be very good at them.


Robcrafty likes Roblox. Robcrafty likes Minecraft. That’s why he is called Robcrafty. He likes horror and fighting games, but don’t worry, he is a peaceful person.