Grand Theft Auto online (GTA) is a sandbox game that you can play in third person and first-person perspective with friends. You have a phone and you have apps. The bottom one is where you can buy a house apartment, cars, boats, planes and more.

GTA is a game that you can play with your friends and you can hear them in game chat. also, you can text people on your phone. You can do races boat races and planes. Also, you can do want you want. Like heist and different ones. You have guns like a sniper, SMG and a lot more. You can buy clothes and body suits. Also, you can by lots of different cars, boats, planes, and armed cars with guns on the top.

How to succeed in the GTA. In GTA there is a lot of fun stuff to do like there are glitchs that you can find out that can get you money. That can get also you some cool clothes. If you go on your phone and go on Maze Bank there will be busses you can buy and get money from. You can get a sub to do a heist and get $2,000,000 from it. Also, you can do races in boats, cars and planes. There races can get you $5,000 from one race. In GTA there is a casino where you can spin this wheel and get money, cars, clothes, RP and more.

Image: Rockstar Games

I enjoy playing GTA because I can play with my friends and talk to them as we are playing it. allows me to keep in contact with my old friends from Primary School that I don’t get to see as often anymore. GTA is a game that has a lot of variety of things you can experience such as four-wheel driving, jet ski, plane and cars on the road. I find it fun to play with my friends online as there is so many things to do in the game. One of the advantages of the game is you can talk to people in game chat and you can text them if you want. This means you car meet new people and share ideas about the game with them.

Overall, GTA is a great game as I can play with my friends and I can do what I would like to do.

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