What You Are Doing Wrong in Far Cry 5

If you’re reading this, you probably want to get better at Far Cry 5, so let me tell you what you can do better. (Authors note: this article is pure opinion there is nothing you must do from this article that goes against how you play.) Particularly it will explore what weapons and companions to use, how vehicles work and how to manage your cash.

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Now onto your weapons and companions. Whether you’re fighting alongside someone or going it solo you almost always need the right tools or guns (mostly) for the job, so if you’re going quietly or loud you have a fair variety to choose from, but which ones do you choose? Well, if you love taking out enemies at a distance the sniper rifles are for you. With a far(ish) range these are always a workable choice, especially if you love headshots. If something more up close and personal is your thing then a shotgun or SMG is for you. With a lot of close-range power there’s always a surprise in store. But I’ll guess you’re an in between kind of fella and an assault rifle, LMG or bow is more, preferable to you.

But we cannot forget about all the companions so who to choose? Well, a good choice is always Boomer. He’s the closest to Dutch’s island and enemies don’t attack him on sight, so you can use him in a few ways. But let’s say you want someone to cover you from a distance, well Grace is your next best bet while she might not be quiet, she is sure accurate and even if she misses, her shots will send them running.

Image: Ubisoft Montreal

With the weapons and companions out of the way, let’s move onto the vehicles. Now there are three main vehicle sections, aircraft, cars and boats. The main aircraft you should use are helicopters. They are quite easy to handle, and you can access them at the near start of the game otherwise just grab any vehicle you find.

The easiest way to manage money is to buy  a suppressor for a gun or two and get  vehicles sparingly. Buy ammo as rarely as possible because you will find enough to get you by and if you choose Boomer as your first companion, he might bring you a gun that has the same ammo.

So, there you have it. There’s what you’re doing wrong in Far Cry 5.

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