BTDX: What to Play When You Are Bored of 5&6

Title Screen of Bloons TD X

So, you’ve been playing Bloons Tower Defence 6 and you got bored, same rounds, same bloons, same towers, and same strategy.

Well, then you can try out BTDX, a fan made BTD game made before BTD6 but after BTD5. Do you want to see another kind of purple bloon or alchemist? four tower upgrade paths? A multitude of bosses? Well then you should try BTDX, it has every feature above and much more.


Video: Ramaf Party

These are what you would consider to be the bosses of this game. To find them, click the statue of a bloon and select one. This will select that bounty and the tier is one by default, all bounties have a set difficulty (Low, Medium, Moderately High, High, Very High, Impopable, Almighty). Low being the easiest and Almighty being the highest. If you have not played the game low and medium bounties are recommended (mostly BBB and clown bloon).

To start a bounty, click the play button and find the map with an image of the selected bounty on it. Then the rounds will come in an apopalypse manner until you die, defeat the bounty, or reach round 90.

Moon Temple



The Moon temple (or “Moon Door” in the game’s code) is the dark blue box in the centre of the screen, clicking it will bring up the message “30 Bloon souls required”. Bloon souls are obtained by defeating bounties or reaching round 60 on nightmare mode. When enough bloon souls are acquired, clicking again will take you to the moon temple itself. The rounds come in an apopalypse manner, just like a bounty, eventually a variety of moon bounties Appear (Moon FO, mMmMOAB, Lunatic Bloon, Darkside Blimp, Shielded Moon FO, Moon God, Moon Father).

This is generally one of the last things you would want to do in BTDX, as it is extremely difficult, but made easy by two specific things.


Special missions

The special mission’s menu can be accessed by clicking the bloon statue with the word missions underneath. There are a variety of them. The hardest being prison break IV (due to cheese omega breakout is easy), generally they are quite difficult.

Game Modes

So you have selected a track and are now deciding what to click. You first have modifiers, then game modes, and sandbox. You should start on normal with no modifiers, unless you have more towers unlocked. So you will now be taken to the track you selected, to get a dart monkey, click the green box with a picture of one and then click one of the + signs, this dart monkey has access to tier three upgrades and three of the four paths.

Bloon Points

So far you have probably collected a few blue circle things with white stars on them, these are bloon points. You can use then to trade in for Monkey Money (MM) and unlock new upgrades for towers.

Stack Path

After you unlock a certain tier five upgrade (need about rank 41 or 42), a button will appear in the corner. Clicking this will take you to a bounty (starting from round one) with only the tower you have the stack path for. Sometimes they are different to normal (charge tower has Annoying Bloon on Super Bloon’s map, village counts as tier one, but has mostly yellow BBB’s and extra towers, ace has tier one prison break). these missions are generally hard but the upgrades they give are really good.

Final Battle



After defeating the Moon Father on the tier three Moon Temple, you will be transported to an upside down and backwards version of monkey lane. Tim, The bloon king will appear, and talk a bit before disappearing. He will come back between rounds 20 and 30, the rounds come in an apopalypse manor, just like a bounty. Tim’s first phase acts like a combination of a mini blooming bloon and super-duper bloon. Upon reaching half health. Tim will transform into dark Tim, using much stronger versions of previous attacks, acting like blooming bloon + horror phase 2 + super bloon 2 + quad hyper beam + T.D.O.M., attacks include: shooting demon bloon spirits like the blooming bloon, each takes away a few hundred lives and shooting a bunch of quad hyper beams (mortar stack path tier five) that rotate.

Defeating Tim will send you back to the menu, with Moon God and Moon Father now spawnable in sandbox mode. To fight Tim again without having to do moon temple is done by spawning the Moon Father in sandbox and defeating him. (This can be done by spamming TSGs or something) This will just start the cutscene where you beat the moon father again.



You’ve cleared the game, beaten the final boss, and done most if not all bounties. What’s next? Glitches.

Not every game is perfect, BTDX included, so here is a list of most of the glitches in the game.

  1. mMmMOAB spawn position error: self-explanatory, mMmMOABs in sandbox spawn higher than they should
  2. Losing in sandbox: by losing one million lives on the same frame, you can lose in sandbox mode
  3. Redshift and Lit MOAB: by using the goodie “lit Moab” and the plasma monkey tier five “redshift”, you can earn insane amounts of money
  4. Dart monkey selling glitch: by placing a dart monkey (or any other tower) behind where the sell button is, you can profit by clicking the sell button and dart monkey at the same time
  5. No towers placement: sometimes when horror bloon enters phase 2, you lose the ability to place towers
  6. Range visibility glitch: when selling a tower you are hovering over, the range will stay and obstruct your vision. This can be fixed by clicking a tower
  7. Placement glitch: when selling a ToTMG, the 8 extra spaces become an area where you can place land towers (even in water or on air or even the track)
  8. Music overlap: self-explanatory, sometimes the music plays twice over itself
  9. Teleport glitch: when bloons are teleported (either by Clown bloon or Lunatic or Moon God), if they are near the exit, they disappear
  10. Teleport blooming: like the teleport glitch, when the blooming bloon is up and a teleport is used, the bloons it spawns instantly leak lives. This lasts until blooming bloon or the teleporter is defeated
  11. Redundant decimal: when upgrading to Monkey Fort (village middle path tier three), a decimal point appears after the life count. This has no use at all
  12. Ray of Doom pierce cap: when spawning enough bloons, Rays of doom will disappear)
  13. Bloon knight shields and Pierce bug: bloon knights shields apparently block anything with less than 50 PP, however they still block RoDs
  14. Bloonchipper spider bloon crash: if on track crawler tier three or higher, when you place a bloonchipper in range of a spider bloon, the game crashes
  15. Nightmare freeplay glitch: sometimes when playing nightmare mode, the option to start freeplay does not appear
  16. BBB Icon glitch: when in sandbox, the big bully rage icon is visible after scrolling past it
  17. Empty sandbox pages: when scrolling far enough there are empty pages between certain bounties and the end
  18. bounty selection glitch: when selecting bounties in a certain order, sometimes you can select multiple bounties at once, or have none selected
  19. The mother selling glitch: after the Mother repositions your towers, if you sell them, the placement spots will be altered until you exit the map
  20. Lose Win: when fighting a bounty, when you lose then pop the bounty while the text is displayed (or vice versa) the game will display both texts

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