Is Nintendo Switch Online Worth It?

Is Nintendo switch online worth it? 

Nintendo Switch Online is an online service for the ‘Nintendo Switch’ (who would have known?) and offers many perks. But, do you know if it’s a worthy investment? Hopefully, this article will help you make the decision if it’s a good idea to buy or not.

The main big perk of Nintendo Switch Online is it lets you do so many things online. It gives you access to all online multiplayer options in all games that have the option. So, now you can play Mario Kart with people from all around the world or try beating your friends online in Super Smash Bros. There is also a voice chat app that you can now utilize, but I don’t see that being very helpful considering other apps that do the same thing already exist, like Discord

On the topic of the smartphone app, they also offer a data saving service that allows you to back up game progress to the cloud. This allows you to guarantee that your progress does not get lost, and you can also transfer data to a different Switch. You can also use the app to download content that other people have made, such as custom clothing in Animal Crossing, or loading somebody’s profile in Splatoon 2. The variety of games the app works with is sadly small, but it’s still quite good for the apps it does work with. 

Image: Nintendo (A person uploading their game data to the cloud.)

You also now get exclusive member only offers, but those really are not very interesting. Like sure, you can get a free rug in Animal Crossing, or 100 apples in Kirby Clash, but really these don’t do much. There is a free multiplayer Tetris game, and you can get discounts on buying other games online in the eShop. But these offers really don’t excite me that much. 

So, how much money does it all cost? Well, you can pay six dollars for a month of the service, $12 for three months (that’s 33% off!) and $30 for a year (Almost 60% off!). There is also a family plan for A$55, that lets you use up to 8 different Nintendo accounts on the switch with ‘Nintendo Online’ perks. Once again, that’s big value. (Please note these prices are in Australian dollars.) 
Here is the final question: Is it a good choice to get Nintendo Switch Online? Well, if you have friends that have the service too, it could be a great way to have fun while stuck inside. Or if the special offers and services interest you too, go for it! I do think that the service is great and can make your experience with games just that little bit better. 

If you are still confused about Nintendo Switch Online, go to their official FAQ page.

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  1. It sucks how all these companies make you pay money to unlock online multiplayer, when in the past you didn’t have to. But it is what it is.

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