5 Best BCU Packs to Use

BCU, or Battle Cats Ultimate is a fan-made battle cats stage creator/player. Where you can create stages, cats, enemies, and other things. A pack is the name of the set of things created (cats, enemies, and stages). Most packs can be found in the BCU discord server. Though there are exceptions. 

#5: Stories of legend + 

You know about Stories of legend, right? Well, this pack adds many additional subchapters, and is probably one of the largest on this list. It features over 150 enemies, more levels, even 2 new enemy types and new cats! As of now, it has Three baron stages and Three advent bosses. To name a few: Malware T.J. (an advent boss), D0G3 TECH (a baron boss), and Outer Singularity (an advent boss). 

#4: Cats in the Inferno 

What could be better than a ton of subchapters? Cats in the Inferno is an entire new saga. Currently with two chapters and another coming, and an event stage as well. It features a new enemy type and status effect, like Stories of legend +, alongside some new cats too. 

#3: Oblivion’s labyrinth 

This is likely the smallest pack on the list. Like the previous ones it adds a new enemy type, and is being updated frequently. As of now it has Five chapters and an interlude with a sixth being made at the time of writing this. It is also one of only two packs on this list to have a story, the other being Cats in the Inferno

#2: EiEiXD pack II 

Possibly the largest pack on this list, the EiEiXD pack is massive with over 120 enemies and numerous new types as well. A few new types include: shiny, fossil, and hellish. This pack seems to be mostly finished, but a new update might come out eventually.  

#1: ‘ITstumbler’s’ BC mod 

You have probably heard of this one if you watch youtubers like ‘Nova Pro’. Ever wonder where the zombie bun bun came from? It’s probably from ‘ITstumbler’ (though there are 2 notable others: Tesselan passalan’s and test subject 005). ‘ITstumbler’s’ pack is probably one of the most balanced on this list despite some enemies doing 2 million damage and level 20 shockwaves. This pack is mostly made of Uncanny Legends subchapters and some advent bosses too, and is generally a good pack too use as a parent pack. 


  1. Updated list because half of these no longer work:
    5. Can’t remember name
    -Overall high quality and lots of content
    4. Vs Geos (Part 1&2)
    -Cool story, fits with vanilla
    3. Desolate Dominions
    -High Quality, story, lots of content
    2. Cats in the inferno
    -Feels like vanilla, lots of content,
    1. SoL+, Aku Realms+, and SoL+ Extra
    -a ton of high quality content, good pack in general, feels like vanilla

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