Gold Digger Frvr

Gold Digger is a 2D mining game where the aim is to dig up gold and gems using a shovel. Using a shovel you can go through mud, earth, rock and water collecting coins and gems as you go. 

You can die when rocks explode or fall on you. If you die, all your treasure will be buried, and you’ll have to restart and try to get it back from the graveyard.

One of my favourite parts of the game is digging with a shovel which allows you to go deep underground. When three or more rocks are together it causes a massive explosion which I find fun. Faster digging with a pickaxe and auto drill is cool because it helps when you dig for a long time.

Directions when I was dead is helpful, so I don’t have to know where to go. Pushing two rocks with my hands is great, so I can have three or more rocks together to make an explosion.

The game requires large amounts of digging with a shovel and it can become boring after a while. It is annoying when I lose all my items when I die, such as my pickaxe and auto drill.

Image: FRVR Games

Compared to other Ground Digger style games I find that Gold Digger is better because it is smoother to play. There are many different features in the game, and this keeps it constantly entertaining.

Advice for Gold Digger: I recommend that you should avoid dying as much as possible. Overall, I think this is a good game and rate it 7/10. For the most part, it is an easy yet fun and exciting game to play, however, it becomes a bit boring at times. I would recommend playing if you have the chance.


    1. Had that problem to more then a few times the sonar sucks. Some versions of the game if you die just close out of the game really fast and then open it again and you will be alive. Also helps if you try and build landmarks as you go with the building tool or with placing found objects so It makes finding your body alot easier. Also I’d recommend if you have the gold is to buy a hat maybe some ladders and bombs .. and a digging tool as high as you can afford and then depositing them a few blocks underground near the start. so if you die just pick the chest up. Makes it easier to get around till your able to get back to your body.

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