Super Mario Odyssey

Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey is a three-dimensional game created by Nintendo. It is a platformer game where the player must move the character to get to other platforms to progress in the game. 

In Mario Odyssey a player must throw a cap, Cappy, at the enemy (and sometime neutral entities) to collect moons to progress in the game.  

This game is special because you get to play as the enemy, and you get their abilities when you capture them (like a Pan Bro you get to throw pans at things or a Fire Bro you get to throw fire.) The games mechanics are great because they are fun and fluent to use. 

Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo community thinks that Super Mario Odyssey is the next generation after Super Mario 64 DS. In this game you start as Yoshi then you can unlock Mario. After a somewhat easy fight against the oldest Goomba of them all, with its grand Goomba’s behind. You use the grand Goomba to defeat the Old Goomba to get Mario’s cap. But you unlock character not enemies. 

With Mario Odyssey, a player will start on Bowser’s ship above Peaches castle. Bowser will tell the player his plans to marry Princess Peach on the moon. 

The player needs to collect power moons scattered around the map. A player will do this by exploring the map and capturing enemies to progress in the game. Once you have completed all the Kingdoms (these are like different worlds in the game) the player will move to the moon to stop the wedding 

I absolutely love this game and I’m sad that it took me only three sittings to beat it.  

I think they should have made the swimming in Lake Kingdom a lot faster or have something you can get to swim faster. Sure you have the fish, but Nintendo could have done something better. The one annoying thing about this game is that you can’t really play with the pro controller because you need both joy cons to get the right type of throw with cappy. 

Overall Super Mario Odyssey is probably one of the best games that Nintendo has ever released.  


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