ARK: Survival Evolved – Tips and Tricks

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ARK is a survival and exploration game set in a world with dinosaurs.  You will need to build shelter and then find reliable water sources and supply of food for yourself and your dinosaurs that you tame on your journey.   Here are some tips to get started in the game. 

The very first thing you should do when you spawn into a new game is create yourself a weapon.  Look at your surroundings and use the resources closest to you such as a tree bush or stone on the ground.  The resources you need to make a pickaxe are stone, wood, thatch and a couple of pieces of fibre.  You can find fibre in the bushes.  You will also need to make an axe out of flint and stone, fibre, wood, and thatch. 

Searching the bushes can you give a variety of berries which is a quick and easy food source.  Be careful of the narcotic berries!  They can put you to sleep but can be useful to tame creatures along your journey.  You can also eat fish that is raw or cooked.  Once you have a weapon you can search for an easy target like a Parasaur. They are passive and they do not attack you, but you need to be fast on your feet to catch them.  Make sure you use your pickaxe to collect the hide and raw meat.  Finding water is easy because you usually spawn on a beach.  Later down the track you can make yourself some pipes and a well. 

Image: Studio Wildcard

For a starter house you can make it out of thatch because it is easy to get and not hard to make. Then when you want a better home, you can upgrade it to stone, or wood, or metal. The easiest one to make after thatch is wood but you need a lot of trees.  Stone is a bit harder than wood and a bit stronger and it can last longer too.  What you are aiming for is to eventually build metal structures because it is much more durable and stronger but harder to craft but worth it and it can give you more points.  For your first house to get the wood you need to use your axe but be careful because too much wood can make you heavy and slower to move and vulnerable to predators.  

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