Ghost of Tsushima the Ultimate Samurai Game

Ghost of Tsushima is a 3D, open world, 3rd person game by ‘Sucker Punch Productions’. Set on the island of Tsushima in the Sea of Japan during the time of feudal Japan. 

You play as Jin Sakai, nephew of the great lord Shimura (the Jito). The Mongols are invading your home. You must Liberate your home and drive the invaders back into the sea before the Khan can invade the main island. Unfortunately, the game is only available on PlayStation. 

One special thing about the game is instead of waypoints you use the wind, or your father’s spirit to guide you on your journeys. 

Image: sucker punch productions (the beginning)

To finish the game, you must kill the Khan and liberate villages from Mongol occupation while learning new techniques and upgrading your gear and weapons.   

The first positive aspect of this game is the combat and how you learn the buttons. how you learn to fight is you go back to Jin’s youth when he is training with his uncle, and you get lessons from your uncle. Combat is the best I have ever seen. There is something about getting a perfect parry then dropping the enemy in one deadly strike with your blade and making the enemies around you terrified. There is an option to turn off the blood but why would you do that? In my opinion it makes the game look better. 

My next good point is the open world and how easily you can get distracted by views, undiscovered locations and the great things about the game and side missions.  

Image: sucker punch productions

The second positive point is all the upgrades for armour and weapons. then there are the techniques. There are so many techniques to get, it can be hard to choose what to unlock next. They range from deflection to ghost weapons and even exploration. 

The final good thing is what your experience will be, so you can play it in English (and subtitles), in Japanese with English subtitles and finally you can have it in black and white in Japanese inspired by the legendary movies by the legendary filmmaker Akria Kurosawa.   

In my opinion the game is 110% worth getting or at least having on your radar.  

In conclusion, only available on PlayStation. Mongols invading your home you need kill the khan. stop them before they invade the mainland. Is worth checking out. 

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