A Calm Game About Nature and Survival

Among trees is 3D adventure survival game which is made by FJRD Interactive the game is set in a fantastic looking forest which I am guessing is in Canada. It is a mix of sunlight and a bit of the forest. (in setting.) 

Some of the special aspects of the game is that this is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. It is still in early access thou and there are still bugs that need to be fixed. With all the animals such as deer, little bunnies, the dangerous bear and a rare fox. 

Image: FJRD interactive

Since it is in early access, there is not really an objective other than just surviving, building up your cabin and explore the world. Some of the additions to the cabin that you can build up is a cookery, attic and I will not spoil the rest.    

Some things I liked about the game is the just the way the game looks, and the animals really just ties in the experience and how sometimes you just do not know what you might find around the next cliff face.  

After a while it does get a bit same, same it just builds up on what you are doing then it just stops when you run out of things to do but I am not going to blame the game to much because it is of course still in early access but in my opinion. I think this game is totally worth checking out. 

So now quick summary this game looks amazing, still in early access, not a lot to do, but I still recommend the game if you are looking for a new game in this category of adventure, survival, exploration a little bit of fighting it is available on Steam and Epic Games and a possible chance being on Ps4 and Xbox.  

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