Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 is an open world MMO looter shooter about Guardians, a group of super soldiers and peacekeepers. You play as one such Guardian.  

There are three classes of Guardians: Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. Each class can be divided into three subclasses. Hunters can be divided into: Nightstalkers (This subclass wields the void element), Gunslingers (the solar element) and Arcstriders (the arc element). Warlock subclasses are: Voidwalker (Void), Stormcaller (Arc), and Dawnblade (Solar). Titans: Striker (Arc), Sentinel (Void), and The Sunbreaker (Solar). Within the classes and their subclasses there is many different codes. There is also Stasis throughout all classes, but since that requires a DLC I will not be going into it here. The games team system allows you to play with your friends as a “fireteam,” a group of Guardians working together. 

Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s Season 13 dropped on Wednesday the 10th of February, 2021. This season brought a new activity, Battlegrounds, and a new campaign into the game as well as introducing us to H.E.L.M (Hub for Emergency Logistics and Manoeuvres). For those of you that have played Destiny one, H.E.L.M may look familiar. 

Now onto Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is an activity where you can group up with two other players (either through the game, or with your friends as a fireteam) and work together to complete objectives and kill one of Empress Caital’s (the villain in the new campaign) military chiefs. The Battlegrounds activities can either be accessed through the vanguard activities, or on various planets.  

The game’s new campaign revolves around Empress Caital’s Cabal (a race of egotistical space romans.) These cabal allow you to challenge them by using cabal gold, a currency you gain by completing every activity in the game. 

Image: Bungie

Overall, Destiny 2 is an incredibly fun game (as long as you avoid the pit of toxicity that is the crucible.)  As we draw closer to the end of Season 13, we must consider how long these activities will be around for… Drumroll please… The activities will be around until the end of Season 15, so just under 200 days. 

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