Why We Need to Stop Toxicity

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Online gaming is how many people like to spend their time, but there are always unkind people who also participate. It is hard to have fun when there is a person spamming in chat. For example “ez”. Although games are meant to be a safe places, we (as a gaming community) have toxic people who make the gaming experience unpleasant. For those who are not gamers, toxicity can be better defined as a form of bullying in the gaming world. 

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In some games like Rocket League the toxicity is way too high. Personally, I think I’ve only been in one game of Rocket League where there has been no toxicity. Research has shown that people are becoming depressed as a result of this toxicity. Some even have suicidal thoughts. As a community we need to improve this and try to make gaming a safe place. However, toxicity shouldn’t be confused with teasing amongst friends. 

If you have a little kid at home and you’re worried about them experiencing toxicity, you can disable the chats for that game,  or you can put a password on it so they’re only playing the game with your knowledge. Also, if someone is being toxic the chat,  call them out and say why it is bad to do this. 

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Overall, as a gaming community we need to be aware  of our toxicity, and be kinder to our peers, and support them when they make a small mistake in a competitive game. 


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