STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order  

Fallen Order is a platforming and exploring game in the galaxy of Star Wars set after Order 66 which was a command issued by Darth Sidious to eradicate all the Jedi. 

If you are a Star Wars fan you will enjoy exploring the many different worlds and planets all found in the Star Wars universe. Cal Kestis is the main character. The combat style that Cal is using is satisfying to watch because you can do combos to make greater  hits on  targets.  You can also custom build your own light saber. 

Video: PS5

When I compare Star Wars Battlefront II with Jedi Fallen Order, they do have similar fighting techniques, but Battlefront does not have as many combinations moves. In Fallen Order you can do different moves to do various levels of damage.  Battlefront II lets you go to different planets, but you are not really exploring like you can in Jedi Fallen Order

Image: Respawn Entertainment

The aim of the game in Jedi Fallen Order is that you need to go to different planets to find pieces of information to unlock the  Holocron which will allow you to get the list of force sensitive kids to begin rebuilding the Jedi Order.  

What I like about Jedi Fallen Order is that it has a fun campaign.  It is like a dungeon crawler type game. You have the option to go back to the planets at different times too.  It can be relaxing to play, and you can play without doing the campaign sections.  You do not have to do the missions in one hit, and you are free to explore the worlds that you have unlocked. 

One section that can be frustrating is that there is a bounty hunter part that you cannot skip. You must commit to play that section to move further in the game.  

I love playing Jedi Fallen Order. It takes you inside the world of Star Wars and gets you involved with the saga. Once you finish the main campaign area you can go back and search for more materials and explore the planets and go back to previous areas you could not do before. You can make your own light saber and even  choose the hilt, the emitter, the sleeve, and the colour of the beam which is cool. If you are Star Wars nerd like me, I would recommend this game. 


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