Video Game Mods

Mods are modifications for video games. Mods are fun because you can customize the game. 

Modding was first popularised on Doom. It is still relevant today and  some games are even meant to be modified. For example: Gmod modifying has advanced a long way since Doom with Steam the online video game distributor having their own platform for mods called the Steam workshop.  

Modding is more popular than you might think. Many popular games can be modified and are known for their massive number of mods. Some games started as mods, such as   

Image: Steam

Counter-Strike created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe based on Half-lifeDAYZ created by Dean Hall which is based on ARMA 2, Garry’s mod created by Garry Newman which is based on Half-life 2, PUBG by Brendan Greene based on ARMA 2The Stanley Parable created by Davey Wreden based on Half-Life 2Team Fortress by Robin Walker and John Cook based on Quake

Mods are important because old games can see resurgence in sales with popular mods.  


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