Sea of Thieves – Review

Sea of Thieves is an open world, PvE and PvP pirate adventure game.  You are able to play solo or join up with others and form an alliance or create your own crew with friends.  You will be able to sail the seas and fight kraken (which is a giant squid), skeleton ships and much more.

Rare – Sea of Thieves Press Kit

Some of the special features of the game are actually what is in the deep waters surrounding you. This can be an exciting part of the gameplay because while you are busy being a pirate and raiding ships and exploring the high seas, you also must be aware that there are dangerous creatures lurking in the waters.  The game is great for getting your heart pumping at the first sight of some black, inky water surrounding your ship.  You know that kraken has spawned underneath your ship and you have to make the decision to stay and fight or prepare to lose all your valuables to the deep sea.  Should you see a fin circling your boat, hear an ominous growl or see jaws advancing towards your ship, you may be about to encounter a megalodon (a giant shark).  This meg can rush your boat and the charge attack is forceful enough to send you flying overboard and it can also create some holes in your ship so be prepared to do quick repairs, bucket out the water all while battling the megalodon. 

Image: Rare – Sea of Thieves Press Kit

Sea of Thieves has had an amazing collaboration with Disney’s famous Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and if you are a fan you can collect the outfit from the Pirate Emporium, which is the Sea of Thieves shop.

In Sea of Thieves there is a story-based campaign which involves solving puzzles and completing campaign objective quests to complete the tale.   You are able to go deep in the game’s storyline which is called a Tall Tale.  In a Tall Tale you could find yourself following ghost shops, avoiding traps or having near death experiences.  There are caves and islands to explore and you can even resurrect an evil skeleton lord and have yourself an amazing adventure.

If you prefer to just chill, you can do quests or just sail the seas and  see what you can discover.  The game provides you with items to help you explore such as a compass, shovel, telescope, lantern and some musical instruments if you would like a sea shanty on the way to your epic adventure.  There is even a bucket which you is handy when your ship is on fire or is sinking.

Sea of Thieves is a really great game and so fun to play with friends.  There are so many different ways to explore this game so it never gets boring. 

The game has great graphics. The creators have given a lot of thought to the smaller details in the game which I really appreciate such as the fish swimming around the docks, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises and the islands have a tropical feel to them.  The ships also have great cosmetics and you can customize your own ship which is rewarding when you personalize it from the sails down to the anchor.

An enjoyable part of the game is that you can literally just sail the open world if you want and sometimes that is just relaxing.  When Sea of Thieves has an update it also gives you more customization choices and of course lots of new items to purchase.

By completing Tall Tales or quests or getting achievements in the game you can unlock a curse.  This means your character has a variety of unique styles.  For example there is The Order of Souls Curse which basically looks like your character has black ink coming down the face or the Ashen Curse which makes your chest glow and you can see the ribcage and some of the tattoos glow.

Although Sea of Thieves is a great game it could be better in some parts. In some of the Tale Tales  there are no check points to save your position in the game which can be frustrating.  Also when you successfully kill the kraken, which is really difficult to do, perhaps you should have some better loot as a reward for your hard work. 

In summary, Sea of Thieves is a magnificent game because there are so many play styles.  Whether you want to play solo or play with your friends you are assured of a different and unique adventure every time.  When you play as a pirate you can be sure there will be sword fights, looting and of course treasure.  If you enjoy having epic battles against others, like the idea of pirate adventures or working within a team with your friends, this is a game you should add to your collection.

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