Minecraft, a sandbox game, is a game where you mine and craft to defeat the Ender Dragon (the last boss).  

This game is special because you have endless possibilities to create, build, lose your sanity making a Redstone build, lose your sanity mining for hours on end, playing with friends, making a very loud cow farm, or just having tonnes of fun PvPing (player vs player) with your friends. 

Image: Mojang Studios

Minecraft has a very similar texture to Terraria, like wood, grass  and stone, but in Terraria, you can fly over the 2D landscape rather than Minecraft’s 3D landscape in survival mode. A mode where you start off with nothing and gather materials to build stuff like tools and houses. 

Craftime is a rip-off of Minecraft. Craftime is a 2D style game where your only objective is to survive. They have zombies like Minecraft, but also have bears and snakes in the game which I find strange. In Craftime you have temperature and need to drink water. Water doesn’t flow which I guess is a little different from Minecraft, but it is still a rip-off. Also, the way that you craft in the game is weird,  there are icons on the top left corner, and you click them to craft, but where is the crafting table? 

To succeed in Minecraft, you need to dig in the mines to get iron and diamonds. You can craft them with wood by punching a tree to obtain wood, then into tools to defeat the Ender Dragon (the final boss.) There are three dimensions that can you go to, and you can gather materials from all of the three dimensions.  

I think Minecraft is a great game to play with friends because it has endless possibilities, like mini games, speed running (where  you try to beat the game as fast as possible) let’s plays with your friends (where you grind the game and get lots of stuff, then beat the Ender Dragon) and just goofing off in creative mode, a mode where you have endless supply of every single block in the game. 

Another thing about Minecraft is to beat the game, you start off by  punching trees to get wood and then you are in the mines trying to get iron or diamonds to craft into better weapons and tools, so the game becomes easier to play. Another great thing about Minecraft is the updates, they get better and better as the community think of more ideas to be added in the game. Like the Aquatic update, the Nether (second dimension) updates, and the Caves and Cliffs update. I don’t know which three newest updates are my favourite because they all added extra “muff” to the game.  

Like we see with the aquatic update, everything used to be barren dull an unexciting in the ocean, but with the aquatic update it brought fish, coral reefs, seaweed shipwrecks that had chests with loot in them, and dolphins. One of my favourite features in the aquatic update was that you could ride the dolphins and interact with the fish swimming around in the water. 

Image: Mojang Studios

The Nether update was also an update that was needed. It made the Nether more exciting to go to. It added different biomes, new  blocks and mobs, like Hoglins, Zombified pigmen, brutes, Zoglins and bastions which had awesome loot in the chests.

Image: Mojang Studios

The Minecraft caves and cliffs update is one of the best updates that ever came to Minecraft because it added different textured blocks, new blocks, and better world generation, so rather than just a boring cave with stone walls, now we have different biomes in the caves, like lush caves which feature an overgrown mossy area,  an amethyst crystal place which is hard to find and a new block that takes longer to mine than stone. Now for the cliffs. The caves and cliffs update added a lot of stuff like better generation and when blocks get above Y 90 (X Y Z), there is snow on the cliffs and goats too, but they can spawn lower.  

Image: Mojang Studios

Minecraft has the best music ever, as you play the game you can find music discs in structures within the dimensions. My favourite music disc is Pig Step, it is one of the best music discs Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) have ever made. The reason why I like it so much is because it’s got a deep bass paired with an electric guitar. 

As you, the reader, is reading my thoughts on this game, you might be questioning the rating, but don’t worry it is rated E for everyone. And it might look expensive at first, but after you get to play it for a while, you’ll have years of treasured memories that you will look back on. That is why Minecraft is one of the best games ever made. 

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