Post Scriptum

Image: igdb

Post Scriptum is a tactical, first-person, shooter video game set during the Second World War. It was developed by Periscope Games. The game features several playable factions. These being the US, UK, France, and Germany with each faction having multiple different playable units. 

In this game, you can enroll as the commander and order gun runs or artillery to support your team, or you can play as one of the many infantry roles where you join a logistics section and fortify the battlefield with fortifications and emplacements as well as resupplying the frontline, or you could even be one of the armored crew members and crew a tank. 

Post Scriptum also has multiplayer options where you can hop on and play with your friends. You can talk to them via Discord or game chat and you can be either an infantry commander or a tank commander  (A tank commander’s overall responsibility is in guiding his crewmen to operate the tank under his control, whether that be driving, operating weaponry, or overseeing directions.). You can fight for Nazi Germany or fight for the Allies, and the graphics are very realistic. 

This game costs $6.42 dollars on Steam and it needs  35 GB  to download and you can play it on Xbox and PS4.  

In conclusion, I think people should play this amazing and realistic game with friends and other people and join the battle.  

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