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In today’s review, I will be looking at the game series known as Assassin’s Creed, more specifically, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. For those who don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is, it’s a game series based around lore and stealthy movements. Most AC games are a bit confusing to new players because they may start being set way back in time and then you somehow pop out of simulation goggles and appear in a completely futuristic fantasy world. Not to worry, as you won’t be spending much time in the fantasy world as it can be a bit boring, but it is essential for mission briefings and other things I’ll explain later.

So, to get this piece started I will be reviewing Assassins Creed Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is a very exciting place based in the early years of 1715. You will play as a young pirate, who goes by the name of Edward Kenway, that is on a mission to escape poverty and become a very wealthy privateer from completing lore quests and side missions to come back to his partner and live a rich life. The game starts as Edward Kenway is placed on an island beach after a showcase of cutscenes displaying the setting and navigation of the game. The first step in this graphical opening is to chase down an assassin you had a battle with earlier on and attempt to eliminate him. After doing so you collect his swords and assassin clothes and you start roaming around the island until you come across a helpless man in need of some help who is being taken hostage by some soldiers (I am not too sure who they work for). Playing as Edward your first real order of business is to take out these soldiers by stealth crouching through large plants (which are used in the entirety of the game to keep stealth and move without being seen which is also used for silent assassinations). After taking out these soldiers you rush over to the troubled fellow and help him out with a few other quests that I will not spoil for you.

The start of the game gets you to grips with the controls and how the rest of the game will be combat and stealth-like. Being in such an open world where you can just roam around and do your own thing, it is a beautiful world with the highest quality settings setup, just doing parkour from rooftop to rooftop is really fun and also climbing tall buildings and falling into haystacks, there is an endless amount of things to do in the virtual world, Completing side quests to hunting treasure chests inside of caves and waterfalls to acquire yourself a new fancy sword outset of clothes. I think it would be a great idea to buy the game yourself and start your adventure and discover the many places to visit that the game has to offer.

Image: Ubisoft

Let’s Dig into the Lore of Assassins Creed Black Flag, shall we? In 2013, a couple of months after Desmond Mile’s Sacrifice in Assassins Creed III, samples were taken from Desmods body allowed Abstergo Industries to continue exploring his genetic memories with the Animus newfound cloud computing abilities of the unnamed player character (Who goes by Noob) Called by his co-workers is hired by Abstergo Industries to examine and play through Desmond’s memories as Edward Kenway (who is mentioned earlier in this article), an early Eighteenth Century pirate. Playing as Edward, the player unravels a conspiracy between high-ranking Templars within the British and Spanish Empire.

During the previous lockdowns, I was interested in buying some Assassins creed games to test my computers and I was digging around YouTube and Reddit threads, majority of the places said that Black Flag was a graphically pleasing open world that has a great storyline even for this day and age. I was able to snatch up a game code from G2A for around $6.00 (AUD) which is a great deal, so I had to get it, I pinned the code in Ubisoft hub and boom! The download started, it was easy to get a hold of this game and learn the mechanics having experience playing the Assassins creed series several years ago on an xbox360 having the time of my life as a kid just jumping around building to building, it was a blast. Which ultimately made returning to the Creed series fun bringing back all the memories. I highly recommend getting Black Flag, even if it was not a nostalgic experience for everyone, it did bring back a lot of memories for me. It is also terrific for newer people to the series that want to start old and work their way up in the games.

I’d rate the lore in this game an 8.5/10 due to the storyline being semi-realistic as you are playing as a pirate trying to get money (Because you are in desperate need of coins), so you explore a lot of caves and islands helping fellow people in need and it defines Free Roam perfectly.

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