Psychonauts is set in the 1980s and 1990s and is about a ten year-old kid named Razputin or Raz for short. Raz runs away from his family’s circus to go to a psychic camp where he is taught by Coach Oleander. He soon finds out that Coach Oleander wants to take the brains from young kids and put them in tanks and rule the world. 

Image: Double Fine

Psychonauts was ‘Double Fines’ first game after they were founded in 2000, and now they are bringing Psychonauts back for another game which was announced in 2015. Then it got a music trailer, and a gameplay trailer and came out on 25th of august 2021. 

Image: Double Fine

Psychonauts difficulty is pretty easy, but I wish that there was a choice between two to three levels of difficulty to make it more challenging to play for people that have played the game already. 

Psychonaut is on Steam, Microsoft store, and Humble bundle. The price on Steam is AUD$14.50, the price on Microsoft is AUD$14.95, the price on Humble bundle is AUD$13.55. 

Psychonauts is a great game and I am excited that Psychonauts 2 came out on the 25th of August 2021 and I will be planning to get a review out fast. Altogether I think ‘Double Fine’ made a fun game and will make more fun games. 

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