FTL:The basics.

FTL stands for faster than light. It is set in space. You fly to different sectors and fight ships. Once you get to the end sector, you encounter the boss that is trying to kill the Federate base. You fight the boss. That has three stages. If you beat the boss, you might unlock a ship, but if you don’t beat the boss, you lose that run. 

The rebels hate aliens. Aliens have a negative association with the rebels. The rebels are trying to take over the universe.               

You command your crew to fight and fix your systems. You need to spend your scrap wisely to upgrade your ship to beat the boss. You can level up your crew mates and you want to stay in the sectors as long as possible so you can get more scrap.

How to unlock ships.

The first ship you are going to get is the Engi ship. The next ship you will probably get will be the Federate which you will get at sector eight where you need to beat the boss. For this next ship you will need a Mantis crew member, a level two teleporter bay and a level two med bay by the time you find a Mantis home world. Then you will need to find the right sectors. You will know when you get there. Then you have to have your Mantis crew member open communications with the alien, Kazaaakpleth Kilik’s spaceship. You do not want to kill the ship. You want to board them and kill the crew when you will have the option to. Another way to get ships is get your latest ship and beat the game. Then you will unlock the next ship in the progression.

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How to beat the boss.

You are going to need a way to deal with their missiles and three layers of shields. You are also going to need a cloaking device. On the map, position yourself near auto repair stations when fighting the boss.

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