The Best Clothes To Game In

Hello and welcome. This is a well thought out guide made by yours truly. I will be talking about the best and most comfortable clothes you can game in.

The jumper, a common clothing item, is a must have when gaming. The main reason being that depending on the brand it can be soft and flexible which calms you and provides heat, so instead thinking about how to get warm you already are! Which helps you focus on playing your game.

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Tracksuits are also common because based on where you are playing it can be cold and make your leg extremely cold. You can get mosquito bites and they last a long time and are itchy which puts you off your game. Track suits fix these problems by being long and preventing mosquitoes from biting your legs. This does not just apply to gaming but anything really and depending on the brand they can be soft and they keep you quite warm.

Socks are great because they will keep your feet warm and feeling good. If you are on a hardwood floor, they are even better. They will protect your feet from the harsh cold hard wooden flooring of your house. Sometimes wearing two pairs is better if the second pair is bigger than the first. They will make your feet into small toasters.

Grip gloves are great for reacting fast because normally your fingers slip a bit when using a keyboard or controller, but grip gloves can be custom made to fit either controller or keyboard alike.

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Slippers are amazing when you do not have socks, but they are slightly worse than socks because it leaves out your heel which will get cold very quickly.  Then the wind will move through the cracks in the fluff of the wool and to the front of your foot therefore rendering them useless. Apart from protecting your feet from the outside floor and the inside one, but when you wear socks in slippers it is an amazing combo. When you can go outside, your feet will feel nice and toasty.

Beanies are great. A lot of things making your head warm and nothing else, but there are a lot of situations where that can come in handy. Such as when you are gaming and your head is cold and I assure you it will be, the beanie will help your head stay warm while at the same time improving your gaming experience by a lot. Because when your head is warm your brain will be more focused, and you will be more precise.

Shorts are like a worse version of the tracksuit you get bitten by mosquitoes; your legs are significantly colder than they are when wearing a tracksuit.

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