Gang Beast’s

Gang Beasts made by ‘Coatsink’ and ‘Boneloaf’ is a multi-player game where you must try and eliminate the other players or team. The last one standing wins.

The aim of the game is to knock out and eliminate the other players. The last one standing wins; with every win, you, or your team, get a star. The first team, or person, to get to the acquired number of stars wins. Either go head on with your opponent or play it smart and knock them out before lifting them up and throwing them, eliminating them, and getting the stars.

Image: Coatsink and BoneLoaf

There are lots of maps to play on, but certain maps have unique features. For example, the trucks map has two trucks that are on the highway; sometimes signs will come up over the truck if you’re standing on the truck where the sign is. It will hit you off and make you lose, but if you’re on the truck where there is no sign, you can jump over the bar to save yourself.

Image: Coatsink and BoneLoaf

Here are some tips if you want come out on top when you play, so If you want to dodge the sign on the trucks map jump over the bar when the sign comes up with the area blocked, go to the front of the truck and bend down to dodge it. If you want to knock off your enemies on the gondola map, punch two of the cables on one side and hold on if you do not want to fall. Some costumes can affect your hit box, such as the burger hat. It will make them hit the hat instead of you and, if they grab it, it will fall off they will be holding the hat, allowing you to knock them out.

The game is really fun to play with your friends, but not by yourself. It is also a good way to express your anger at your siblings, but don’t bully your siblings or it will go badly.

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