Underrated Super Smash Bros Characters That People Should Use!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) offers a massive roster of iconic video game characters from many video game series, but lots of them are remembered more than others. There just seems to be characters that are played by a ton of people, while barely anybody is playing as some other characters. If you are looking for a less common main, consider playing as one of the following characters.

Luigi was first seen in Mario Bros. in 1983, which, funnily enough, is a stage in SSBU currently. He is less known and seen as a weaker character compared to his brother, Mario, but Luigi can pack a real punch with his very powerful up – B. Dealing a devastating amount of damage, he really does do a lot of damage up close. He also can make good distance recovering from the side of the stage with his side – B, that sometimes fires extremely fast and powerful if you get lucky. Additionally, people have worked out how to kill somebody off a grab from 0% as Luigi with crazy combos. People see him as a silly cartoony joke character, but you should not underestimate him.

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Lucario first showed up in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and has earned a place in my heart as one of my favourite Pokémon. He has a mechanic unique to only him – aura. This is a mechanic where when Lucario has taken more damage, his moves will be more powerful. This means that it’s hard to knock a Lucario offstage, as their recovery will be a little better each time you hit them. Aura Sphere, their neutral – B move, can do a devastating amount of damage when Lucario has a lot of Aura collected. It’s not a character picked often at all, but it is shown to be powerful when played by the right player. If you are losing, comebacks as Lucario are easy to do, as a couple of hits can instantly bring you right back into the game.

Image: Nintendo

1987 was the year when Ryu and Ken appeared in Street Fighter, Ryu being player one and Ken being player two. These characters were identical in the original Street Fighter, and the differences between them are small, so I will be classifying them as basically one character. Firstly, their combos are insane. Lots of punches, kicks and special moves lead into each other. While they are hard inputs to learn and remember, they can rack up a ton of damage. If you input directions and attacks in a certain order, they turn into more powerful versions of Ryu’s/Ken’s special attacks. While Ken and Ryu are not the easiest to learn on this list, they have potential to be a very good character.

Image: Nintendo

Fox from the Star Fox series is often forgotten about while Wolf and Falco from the same game are much more popular among most players. However, out of the three, Fox has the best recovery, being able to recover from the bottom of the screen back onstage. Additionally, his laser can be shot faster than Falco or Wolf (because who doesn’t like spamming projectiles?) Whilst Fox is long past his old Smash Melee days, he still has potential to be a good character. He is remarkably like Falco, so I do not see how people love Falco and hate Fox. Give him a chance!

Image: Nintendo

First appearing in Fire Emblem: Fates, Corrin isn’t a popular character in Smash Bros, being called a boring plain character that’s just filling room on the roster where a better character could be. But if you think about it, Corrin is more interesting than the other generic sword fighters in the game. Corrin, unlike the other Fire Emblem characters, is part dragon, so lots of their moves are using things other than a sword. Not only does this mean that they shouldn’t get as much hatred as they get, but they can also make more interesting combos. Corrin has more mobility with a pining hop, and a projectile that most swordfighters lack. Do not underestimate Corrin!

There you have it. I am sick of fighting the same boring old Pyra and Mythra players, and laggy Ness’ online and sweaty Pikachus. The game gets boring when you are playing or versing the same character repeatedly, so maybe consider a unique character from this list that isn’t used as often than others. These underrated beasts are certainly worth giving a go.

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