Why GTA: San Andreas is better than Cyberpunk 2077

When Cyberpunk 2077 was announced, people were excited and had hope for this immersive experience. Cyberpunk was going to be one of those games that changed the gaming community forever. But this is something that CD Projekt Red (Cyberpunk’s developer) changed at the last minute.

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GTA: San Andreas came out in 2004 and Cyberpunk came out in 2020. That is a 16-year difference. Cyberpunk must be better since gaming has evolved a lot throughout the years, but you would be surprised. When it comes to side activities, Cyberpunk doesn’t really offer much, but GTA: San Andreas is like a virtual playground with so much to do. So, let’s see what both games have to offer.

In San Andreas, you can customize your hair and get new tattoos, it’s a fun way to make your character look better. But in Cyberpunk, when you finish customizing your character, you are stuck like that for the entire game— which seems like a dumb decision CD Projekt Red made.

Image: CD Projekt Red

When it comes to customization, San Andreas has a big collection of clothing items that make you look cute, weird, cool, and stylish. Although Cyberpunk also has this feature, the way it’s made is bad because each clothing item gives you buffs — making your character look like someone has thrown up random clothing onto them. So, it’s not really clothing, it’s a forced cosmetic. You can upgrade your cybernetics in Cyberpunk, but it is more a skill upgrade than a cosmetic.

Grand Theft Auto’s side activities make you want to keep playing the game, you can do things such as gamble, get into gang wars and eat so much that you get fat, throw up and possibly have a heart attack. You can dance with your body, dance with your car, go street racing, Go-Kart racing, and take driving lessons and flying lessons. There is just so much to do in this vast open world.

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Another thing to talk about is emergency services. In GTA: San Andreas, if you commit a crime, the police show up. If you run, they chase you, if you try to escape in a car, they chase you in a car and if you go into the water, they’ve got boats too. In Cyberpunk, when you commit a crime, the police teleport right next to you. Even if it’s not possible for them to be there, they still somehow show up. But, if you somehow survive and run away from the onslaught of bullets being shot at you, you’re in luck, because if you get in a car or run a block or two, the police just decide to stop chasing you and walk off.

Image: CD Projekt Red

But Cyberpunk has some things that San Andreas doesn’t, but this won’t take long. Cyberpunk does have children, you can’t find them in San Andreas. The graphics are better, which seems unfair, but whatever. And despite GTA’s map being open and huge, Cyberpunk’s map seems more immersive, deep, and vertical, it feels like you are in an actual megalopolis. That’s about it for Cyberpunk.

So, in conclusion, San Andreas is incredibly fun and better than Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk can be fun, but it can’t beat Grand Theft Auto.

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