War Thunder

The game War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMO. The game is a tactical third person shooter game with three different game modes: aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft. It was made by Gaijin Entertainment in 2013. The game features some of the most advanced modern combat units for battles on land and sea.

There is not a lot of games like War Thunder. War Thunder has some of the most advanced detail with the battles and the landscapes. It makes you feel like you are in the battles, and they have such a variety of vehicles that you can work up to.

There are some similar games like World of Tanks and World of War Ships. These games also have some good detail but do not have all the vehicles. However, from a plane, you get a different feel in battles.

To succeed in War Thunder, you need to complete the objectives. Some objectives are ground assault, front line defence, dog fights, capturing locations, killing the other team, and ground troops.

Image: Gaijin Entertainment

War Thunder’s campaign is based on historical events. The campaign allows you to fight as a pilot in the U.S. Navy against the Imperial Japanese Air Forces in the battles of the Pacific Theatre, but you need to have tier three vehicles to access the campaign.

The aesthetics in the game makes the whole game experience very realistic. For example, the appearances of any tanks in the game, such as the Panther or the M4A3, are very realistic. The details on these tanks look almost exactly the same as what you might see on these real-life tanks. This makes it really entertaining and makes you feel like you are in the game which is really cool.

I think it is fun because I have not ever played a realistic plane game, at first it is hard to control, but when you get the hang of things it is really fun.  To live a lot of different historic events and be able to choose what vehicle you are in makes it different from other games.

Ultimately, War Thunder is a play free-to-play, cross-platform MMO that includes three game modes like aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft, about the evolution of military vehicles. While there are similar games like World of Tanks and World of War Ships, War Thunder stands out from the rest because it has a great campaign that is based on true historical events, and games and has aesthetics that make the playing experience more realistic. Therefore, I would highly recommend this game if you were looking for an awesome person third-person shooting game.

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