Descenders Tips & Tricks

Descenders is a biking game where you can do different tricks on bike parks created by other players that was created by Rage Squid in 2019.There is also another mode called career mode where there are auto generated maps with different biomes, different jumps and the ground can be shaped and levelled differently.

Image: RageSquid

Descenders is kind of like the new upcoming game Rider’s Republic but not as complex. It is like Skate 3 and Skater XL, but Descenders is a biking game, not a skateboarding game.

There are two types of career modes. There is the basic career mode and there is the career+ version which has the desert biome (You need 100k rep to unlock career plus mode). Also, after you make it to the finish, you can obtain rewards after you earn a certain amount of rep (rep are points you earn from doing tricks).

You can obtain five rarities of rewards and if you get over 200 rep you get a common reward. If you get 2000 rep, you get a rare item and so on.

Image: RageSquid

If you get over 50k rep, you have a 20% chance of getting a ‘LUX bike’. A ‘LUX bike’ is a rare neon coloured bike that has a coloured trail. There are six different colours of ‘LUX bikes’. There is an orange, red, purple, green, blue and a rainbow bike. There are also lux clothing such as helmets, shirts and pants.

When you complete each round of a career mode you get an upgrade of your choice that can give you an advantage in the game, such as bike upgrades and terrain changes. Some of the terrain upgrades are wider paths, more stunts, steeper path and more curves.

Each time you complete a level on career mode, you have a choice of new tracks that are random generated with different steepness, curviness and jumps along the way to the boss track.

Once you complete multiple tracks, you then unlock the boss track. There are different boss jumps per biome.  And when you finish the boss jump you can get different items. The boss jump in the basic career mode is a massive jump over a train. If you complete the jump, you unlock the chicken head.

Image: RageSquid

With the basic career mode there are five different biomes. The first one is grass land, the second one is forest, the third one is canyon, the fourth one is an ice land and the fifth one is a volcano.

With the career+ mode, there are four biomes, the first one is desert, the second one is a jungle, the third one is favela and the fourth one is glacier.

Image: RageSquid

If you press options and go to ride, then free ride, then custom track, then press enter seed, you can play different maps. Those being:

1001 – Construction Site

1002 – Mega Ramp

1003 – Ranch

1004 – Moon

1005 – Bedroom

1006 – Credits / Windmill 1007 – Starting area / Hub

In Descenders there are codes that you can redeem to unlock cool reward for your avatar. The way you can redeem them is if you press options, then go down to settings, then extras, then lastly press codes.


image: RageSquid

Did you know that if you go to the side of the map near the camp site on the spawn island and find a grave, and you can press a button to pay respects it lets you unlock a candy shirt?

In conclusion, these are all the tips and tricks you need to know about Descenders, and also all the info you need to know about Descenders Career Mode.

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