EthanVANIA, a Writer and Retrogame Enthusiast.

EthanVANIA is a retro gaming fan and writer on the website YellingAtChildren. EthanVANIA is 15 years old, and has been into writing for quite a while. They go to Templestowe College, where they take a class named Level Up, which is where they learn to hone and improve their article-writing skills. He is also an Autistic person, and that makes him a lot more interesting to talk to than other people.

EthanVANIA not too long ago attended Oz-Comicon, which was a huge event where Australia’s Pop Culture is celebrated. It isn’t all that often that you get to see a D&D talk take place in the same space as modern gaming setups, and there was quite the variety of costumes, events and merchandise available there. EthanVANIA was quite excited for the event, and rightfully so. He also recalls finding cosplays of THE DOOM SLAYER and a person in a Hollow Knight character costume.

EthanVANIA is in a family of five, where he is one of three sons. His two older brothers have moved out of the house. Despite being the youngest son, he sometimes helps his dad out with house construction, and he considers it quite easy. 

EthanVANIA, being a retro gaming fan, really loves games like Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG. Most retro games that you can access in modern day times are primarily emulations or remixes by the company that made them. Meanwhile, EthanVANIA gets his from the Nintendo store. There are various sources of older games out there, but the Nintendo store is quite accessible and allows you to download games onto the Nintendo Switch and other devices.

A very influential retro game, Super Metroid, has been a founding father to many of gaming’s best metroidvanias today. If not for Super Metroid, games such as Hollow KnightCave Story and many more would not exist. It also happens to be EthanVANIA’s favourite retro game. It also utilized the concept of powerup-required gates extensively, to the point where games outside the Metroidvania genre are influenced, although this is a much closer tie, since it is not an uncommon idea to have doors and keys in games. Super Metroid’s keys were quite unique, some examples being: a super ball to get through small cracks in walls and certain areas only accessible with the screw jumpEthanVANIA particularly loves this part about Super Metroid, and for the majority of gamers out there, its execution is almost flawless when first playing. EthanVANIA has completed 100% of it five times and 12 times normally, which is a huge achievement.

EthanVANIA likes gaming with his school friends. He often plays Fall Guys with his friends, whilst playing single player retro games at other times. He likes playing games socially with others he knows. Besides Fall Guys, he also likes playing The Legend of Zelda with friends. 

EthanVANIA originally thought that Level Up was about writing for games, but was pleasantly surprised on his first day here because he found out what it was actually about, which is writing articles related to something in the entertainment industry.  Articles can be about games, movies, people, and many other related topics! At the time of writing this, EthanVANIA has published 1 article, and is currently working on two more, those being a profile piece about Antfox319 and a review of Super Mario RPG

EthanVANIA likes writing outside of school, and even got into animation once. Joining Level Up has helped him improve his writing skills, such as placing commas, punctuation and grammar. One of his dreams is starting a YouTube channel to review games. He likes listening to classic rock and tracks from Sonic 3 & Knuckles to pass the time.

To fuel his gaming addiction appreciation, EthanVANIA has two primary sources of income. One way is by pocket money from home, and another is helping build up the house with his dad. At the time of writing this, EthanVANIA and his dad are planning to fill in bricks with cement, and paint over them. He quite likes helping out around, and with the construction of his house. The income is also enough to help sustain the aforementioned gaming appreciation. Finally, he gets games for Christmas.

EthanVANIA is a great person to hang around, and he’s a good writer too. Yelling at Children is fortunate to have him as a member. He helps out around the house with construction, and has a good time at school both with his friends and in the classroom of Level Up.

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