Gengar Profile Piece

Gengar, a writer for Level Up, has been writing for nearly one year. He is a fan of open-world games; his favourite game being GTA V. The first game Gengar ever played was PUBG, which his friend showed him in China when he was just 7 years old. Gengar plays on PC but also likes the Nintendo Switch. He has one brother and one sister, and usually only plays multiplayer games — unless it’s Pokémon.

Image: PUBG Studios

Gengar does not play single players much with little exceptions. Even though GTA V is his favourite game, he has not played the single player and only engages with the multiplayer with friends. He’s not the biggest fan of CS:GO because of how hard it is, but he does like Rainbow Six Siege. He does play some single player games though such as Pokémon which he recently bought the newest entry of.

He plays for a lengthy number of hours a day usually being five to ten hours which his parents are ok with. They see it as way for him to connect with his friends in and outside of gaming. He is often unable to play online with friends because there is a big ping problem as they are in China.

Gengar isn’t the type to spend hundreds on hundreds of hours playing a single game, instead he usually purchases games fairly often. He buys games usually once a week and gets the money for it from his family. He usually plays on either PC or the Nintendo Switch, but he also has a PlayStation 4 which he likes to play ARK on.

He buys games either full price or on sale which he does more constantly, and he doesn’t buy games off of third-party websites often, instead he buys them directly from Steam. He also buys his Nintendo games at EB Games because he prefers having his games in cartridges so he can put them in his room and see them. The first game he bought himself without any external opinions was Forza Horizon 4 which he has a wheel for and has played the most recent game in the franchise. He currently uses a Nvidia graphics card with his PC that is worth about a thousand dollars which was a present for him.

Overall, Gengar is a fantastic writer and fits the Yelling at Children team perfectly. I think that if he just keeps playing, he will eventually find his footing for his main goal in writing.

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