GTA Tips and Tricks for Starting Out

GTA 5 was created by Rockstar Games and released on September 17, 2013.

GTA 5 online is an open-world multiplayer PVP game that is set within the fictional state of San Andreas (based in southern California).

Tired of dying? New to the game? Well, here are some tips for just starting to get you at the top of the empire and to be the king of your lobbies.

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We can all agree that without PvP skill, and the best vehicles and weapons to defend yourself, you’re basically dead. With the GTA premium edition, there are many benefits to spending a few more bucks to get a lot of features to help you progress further in the game and not get smashed by all the experienced players.

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When getting your first million you don’t want to waste it on any sports cars even though they might look nice, you will want to spend it on stuff to help you in the game to make more money and to protect yourself, such as a gun to fight other players if needed. You don’t need to buy out the whole gun range, you only need one or two guns, like the Uzi which can be used in vehicles to shoot players without having to jump out of your vehicle, and an assault rifle, such as the carbine rifle or the bullpup rifle that you will use when on foot.

Also, with GTA premium you get a lot of discounts, clothes, and guns, you can get free cars which means you don’t need to waste your money on expensive sports cars when you can get free ones that are just as good as them if not better.

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The first way you should start to get money is a business, it’s best to get a business close to your apartment, but if you can’t, just buy the cheapest one. With GTA premium there’s a free bunker at the top of the map and a free motorcycle clubhouse (M.C for short). Those can be the first way to make money. It’s a small start but it’ll do. Also, heists are also a good way to get money, and if you have any mates, you can do it with them online.

A Maze Bank is essential to the game because to access the laptop in your businesses to start Sell Missions you need a CEO office to register as a CEO. With GTA premium you can get a free Maze Bank which is just amazing. That’s why GTA premium is so good, you save millions and it’s a quick head start to the game.

When doing sell missions for your businesses you will want to start it up an invite-only lobby. where it’s essentially just you in the lobby and no one else, though. You can also invite your friends to help you with the sell missions. Before the recent update you could not do sell missions in invite only and you could only start up an invite-only from story mode which was a pain in the ass. Now you can start up a solo session and invite only from online mode.

Some of the businesses that are very helpful are the bunker and the nightclub. The nightclub used to purchase a terabyte to get missiles for your oppressor (a flying bike with missiles). Even though after being extremely nerfed to a point where you should just sell it and save up for the Deluxo. The bunker Is used for research. Research Is for unlocking different ammo types and vehicle add-ons. If you have a lot of money, you can fast research which quickly unlocks the items. Fast research costs $225,000, but after a lot of purchases of fast research, you get a discount which saves you a lot of money (the more research progress you make the better the discount). If all you’re focused on is the research and not the money side of things, you can assign all staff to research which gets the job done quicker.

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You should also visit the casino every day. Located at the Casino there is a lucky wheel you can spin every 24 hours, and you can get free gambling chips, cash, cars, and more. It’s so good you don’t have to spend money when you can get free stuff. At the casino, there are many things to do like slot machines, blackjack, horse racing, three-card poker, and roulette.

In conclusion, here are a lot of tips to be the king of your lobbies, get free stuff and make money. These tips will help you when first starting out and if/when you are unaware of what to do.

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