The Profiling Of ETHANvania

ETHANvania, a fine-tuned gamer, has had a very detailed and interesting experience with gaming as a whole. He has been through the thick and thin when it comes to his experience with his hobby. I am here to give a detailed yet concise profile piece on ETHANvania.

ETHANvania is a skilled gamer that has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to gaming knowledge. The reason we’re writing about him today is that he is a highly ranked writer at yelling at children. I’ve asked some of the other writers and we all say that he has the potential to be a top-quality gaming journalist.

ETHANvania’s seems really happy most of the time because he’s looking forward to getting home to pay online with his mates. The reason he wakes up in the morning is “to arise and game, but always get good grade and focus on what’s important.” The fact of the matter is that he enjoys life for what it is and what it should be.

ETHANvania’s family comes from Trinidad & Tobago a country in the Caribbean, but he has spent most of his life in Australia. His plans for Level Up are to become a well-established writer, a goal worthy to aspire to!

Super Metroid, a game made by Nintendo, is ETHANvania’s favourite game. This game was made all the way back in 1994. Which, as far as I’m concerned, makes it a retro classic, this fits with ETHANvania’s nickname, the retro gamer. This game is about action and adventure in a pixel world filled with overarching pixel villain bosses. The classic story of Samus and ridley is a luxury to be a part of. Ridley the pirate stole an infant Metroid and a bounty hunter, Samus, has to save the infant Metroid from being traded to and evil higher power. ETHANvania has said that he loves this game undyingly for most of his life. He says this because he feels as though it is the game that got him in to gaming all together. It might even be what led him to join Level Up Game-based Writing.

ETHANvania suggests that gaming has changed the way he sees the world. He mentioned that he might not have the same friends he has now if he hadn’t got into gaming.

ETHANvania has completed a lot of achievements over the course of his gaming career. Such as completing Super Metroid about four times. It takes approximately three to four hours to complete the whole game once. This means he has spent at least 16 hours honing his skills in Super Metroid. This profound game has three alternate endings. ETHANvania has completed them all. Some more than once. If that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is.

ETHANvania does not think gaming will be present as much as it is now in the future. He believes it will become an addictive hinderance in his all-around life. I think he will turn out to be wrong. During the interviewing I noticed that he talked about gaming in a such a way that it is possible that he relies on video games too much. We hope he doesn’t have to quite due to addiction!

In conclusion, I am proud to know such a smart yet capable person such as ETHANvania. He’s a retro gaming whiz who could probably beat Super Metroid in 20 hours if he really tried. I hope he found this article accurately presented and I hope you all learned just a bit more about our fabulous team here at Yelling at Children.

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