Best Attachments for the AX50 in Modern Warfare COD

Photo by-Infinity ward

When it comes to sniping in Modern Warfare snipers can be the best weapon to use, but some snipers do not pack enough punch till its max level. You could use the Kar98k or the Spr if you want a hunting rifle, but one sniper that can be great is the Ax50 in the sniper category. The Ax50 is a long-range sniper that is mostly used in Warzone but if you use the following attachments, it can be a fast Ads sniping machine. 

If you are the kind of person that likes quick scoping and fast passed shooting, this loadout is for you this loadout can quickly scope in 0.75 seconds, and you can quickly get your shots off before the enemies can see you.

Photo by-Infinity Ward


The Load Out

You are going to have to use the smallest barrel on the Ax50 which is the 17.0 factory barrel this will give you faster ADS. Next the Tac laser this laser can give you super good ADS speed and ADS stability. Next the Stippled grip tap gives fewer ADS speed and stability while walking. You are also going to use the Singuered arms assassin stock this will give you faster ADS speed so now your able to ADS faster than a blink. Next, you can use whatever perk you want and whatever ammo capacity if you would like but it will give you more ADS speed so it will be slow, but you will have more ammo. 

So there you go now you can fast ADS into enemies heads and get play of the game.

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