How Soundpad works

So, you want to mic spam on C.O.D? Or you want to cause some mischief in Discord? Or perhaps play a character in S.C.P Secret Lab? Well, you need a sound board first.

First off, you need Soundpad. Soundpad is available on the Steam store for a free trial that is limited in uses, or for money which provides a much better service. Once it is downloaded, you need to set up a sound file. The “sounds” file is where you keep your sound clips. To add them to your sounds, click “file” then click “add sound file”. Once you have imported it to Soundpad, DON’T MOVE THE FILES. That will disconnect them.

If you can’t get what you want in file form, like a YouTube video, Soundpad can do that for you. First click “file” then “preferences” then “recorder”. Put the path to your sounds file under “save recordings in”. Go back to the main screen and hit Ctrl-R. That will open a recorder in the top right.

Make sure the headphones are selected but not the mic. This will be able to record everything you hear and convert it into a file. All bits with silence will be automatically cut off so you can hit ‘start record’, then start the video.

To get a sound to play when you are playing a game right-click on it and press ‘set hotkey’. I set mine to numbers, but you can set it to whatever you like. Now when you press that key anywhere the file will play!

Soundpad Steam logo


This bit is just for settings that I think are helpful.

Audio: Toggling “block voice” is good for users with bad mics, or if you laugh while playing files.

Hotkeys: “Pause/resume”, “Play previous file” and “toggle hotkeys” are always useful. bind them to “1”, “f1” and “=” respectivly.

Interface: “Typing begins search” It’s anoying, so toggle that off.

Devices: Getting the right mic as the playback device is important.

Recorder: “Save recordings in” put that to whereever you keep them. Increasing the max record time to a billon years helps you record longer files.

And that’s it.

Once you are happy and are done for today, click “file”, then “save sound list” and put it wherever you way you want.

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