Terraria pre-Hard mode bosses

Terraria Pre-Hard Mode Bosses First Draft

Terraria, one of the hardest games out there, with boss fights like Skeletron Prime (who has guns for hands), or the Empress of Light (who can one-shot you no matter what armour or potions you have equipped), or even the Moon Lord (the final boss of Terraria, who can summon massive floating eyes and shoot laser beams from his hands and face.) Then there’s a floating worm and a teleporting brain. These are the sort of bosses I’m going to be talking about in this article.

Before we begin this article, some information is required. This article will be including the pre hard mode bosses listed in order from the Terraria wiki from King Slime up to the Wall of Flesh. Also, this article will not be featuring Queen Bee, Deerclops or Slime King considering they are not necessary to the completion of pre-Hard mode.

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The Eye of Cthulhu will most likely be the first boss you fight in pre-hard mode and one of the easiest bosses. The Eye of Cthulhu has two forms: the base eye form and the mouth form. Their attack patterns are quite simple. It lunges at you and tries to knock you around whilst dealing damage to you. Its second form comes into action after getting the Eye of Cthulhu to less than half HP. When this happens, it will spin around in a circle and shed its eye, revealing a large mouth underneath. The mouth deals more damage than the eye.

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If you choose the corruption as your evil biome, your second boss fight will most likely be the Eater of Worlds. The Eater of Worlds is a humongous worm which is weirdly made up of a bunch of smaller worms connected by their mouths and tails. Each small worm has its own hit box and own hp. Once you’ve killed one of the small worms, the Eater of Worlds will split into two worms divided by where you killed the smaller worm. This will continue throughout the whole boss fight until there are an overwhelming number of tiny worms that you have to kill before ending the fight and gaining the rewards.

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The Brain of Cthulhu is the crimson evil biome equivalent of the eater of worlds. This boss will teleport around and create illusions to try to distract and disorientate the player. In its first form, it cannot be damaged using any means— instead, it will summon minions that will float around and attack you. Once all the minions have been killed, the Brain of Cthulhu will go into its second form, teleporting more franticly and moving faster. Now in its second form, the brain will ram at you, trying to hit you like the Eye of Cthulhu. 

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Skeletron is the result of a spell put on an old man long ago, cursing him to transform into a nightmare-inducing being at night. Skeletron will only be able to spawn at night and has two attack types. The first attack has Skeletron swiping at the player with its hands, most likely one shooting the player. The other attack type is its spin attack, where its head will spin at lightning speeds and will attempt to ram into the player. Skeletron has three hitboxes, each with their own set amount of health — two on the arms and one on the head, meaning you can destroy both of his arms, and Skeletron will still be alive.

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The Wall of Flesh is a goliath of a boss covering the entirety of the player’s screen. You can spawn the wall of flesh by throwing the guide voodoo doll in a lava source in the underworld (the underworld is signaled by the change in background design and soundtrack). Once the Wall of Flesh is summoned, you will be inflicted with the horrified debuff, which stops the player from escaping the battle. When the Wall of Flesh is spawned, it will create hundreds of tendrils (which all have their own hitbox) that will attack the player. Whilst the Wall of Flesh’s tendrils are attacking, it will be moving towards the player, and will not stop until it has killed them — squishing the player to death if the player gets trapped or gets too close to the Wall of Flesh. To kill the Wall of Flesh, you must destroy all of its tiny tentacles and then chip away at its main body.

Overall, the Terraria pre-hard mode bosses get progressively more difficult, preparing the player for hard mode. From the Eye of Cthulhu all the way to the Wall of Flesh, it’s a very fun experience for the player and a good taste of Terraria instead of diving straight into the action.   


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