A Selection of Suggested Builds For: Stick It to The Stickman

Stick it to the Stickman is a physics based rogue-like brawler, set in a corporate dystopia.

The aesthetic of Stick It to The Stickman has simple colors but quite a lot of details. The protagonist is a light blue stickman, with enemies in red. The scenery is an unobtrusive grey, with desks (with a chair and a computer) scattered around. The occasional poster is hung on the wall, and there are breakable windows on each floor, excluding the basement section.

A blue Stickman backflipping over a dead grey stickman, while being chased by a group of red stickmen
Image: Free Lives

Stick It to The Stick Man is being developed by the indie game studio Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. It is going to be released on Steam and is playable by anything short of mobile.

The game has you fight your way up through a tower to have a ‘polite chat’ with your boss. The only controls needed is a select button (the Enter key on PC), use button (space button on PC), and movement controls (the typical WASD on PC). The use button allows you to use the highlighted attack from the bottom of the screen.

Now, I shall suggest some builds (sets of Moves, Passives, and Classes) for the Steam demo that I think will work quite well.

  • Chainsaw-wielding-coffee-fueled-psychopath:

A build certain to make sure your enemies don’t wake up in the morning — Caffeine Addict/Handyman (Class), Chainsaw (Move), Adrenaline (Move), emotional vampire (Passive), Caffeine High (Passive).

  • Self-exploding-gut-problems:

Something hard to explain to your doctor — Slob (Class), Dragon Kick/Punch (Move), ‘Toxic workplace’ (Move) Explosive farts(Passive).

  • Arson and lighting:

A build to send you right to jail — Handyman (class), Tasers, ‘Your Fired’/Downsizing (move), Faulty wiring (Passive) Caffeine High (Passive), Dragon Kick (Move), Dragon Punch (move).

  • One Punch Man but with a Gun:

I think that this one is self-explanatory — Saitama (Class), Gun (Move).

  • Fireman:

Make a problem and a solution — Task Dodger (class), Fire Hazard (Passive), Fire extinguisher (Move), Axe (Move), ‘Your fired’ (Move).

  • The force of the entire American military:

1.99 trillion reasons why you can’t be fired — Conservative(class), Mail Bomb(move), Minigun(move), Basic Training (Passive), Rock Hard (Passive), 100 Pushups (Passive).

I do however suggest that you play the game and make your own builds as this game is quite a lot of fun, and I highly recommend the game.

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