Roblox: A Review

In Roblox, you can play thousands of games that can be made by anyone.

It’s a free app so everyone has access to it although it does need Wi-Fi, but there are a lot of places that have great Wi-Fi. Another really great thing about Roblox is that you can meet new people from around the world. It’s a fun game where the community is friendly and welcoming.

Games that are related to Roblox are Minecraft and Fortnite. There are all online games where people can both make their own games and publish them so that other people around the world can play it. However, Minecraft and Fortnite are not the same: the characters are different and the rules in each game are extremely different. Minecraft and Roblox are both blocky, but you can get accessories and hairs and outfits in Roblox whereas in Minecraft you can only get skins.

Since there is such a range of games available, you have a choice of what you would like to play. You might be into a game that’s competitive and go up against other players, or a cooperative game, or just hang out with your friends and chat. I prefer to play cooperative horror games with my mates while on a phone call. It’s funny when my male mates scream at the monsters and my female mates just try to punch the monsters or roast them. I play Fashion Famous with my best friend, and we get mad and rage at the people who win. I normally play Brookhaven with my friends and rob people’s houses or run people over with our bikes. I like to mess around and make funny videos of what we do with my friends too. 

I made most of my friends from Roblox or (school). It’s not the safest thing out there, but it’s the only way I can make friends because I am shy. I look for funny people, and sometimes when I’m playing with my friend’s people join in and laugh with us and we end up having a great time, so I send them friend request and that’s how I make friends.

Tips for staying safe: don’t say your age and make up a fake name. Even If you have been friends for a while, its best you stick with the fake name. If you want to make friends, complement them first then ask if they would like to be friends. The important thing is to never meet them in real life they can always lie about their age and not be the person they say they are.

Image: Nicole Reselim

Although Roblox is a very fun game to play when you’re bored, it can be extremely addictive and take up a lot of your social time with others. Although technically, you are still being social because you’re talking to people except if it’s just online instead of real life. Roblox is good because nobody can see your face or know your name! But that’s not always a good thing, sometimes there will be bad people on Roblox saying they’re young but there not! Although that’s with many other online games too, so it’s not just Roblox.

Roblox is a free app that is a great game to play if you’re bored because there’s all different types of games to choose from. It’s an awesome game to help you make friends or to just chill out with the friends you already have. It has got hundreds of different games to choose from and they also support LGBTQ+ gamers. If someone upsets you, you can block them or report them. For example, someone was cheating in a game you can report it and Roblox will go back and see what happened. The person will get banned for a few days, or if they have been doing it constantly, they will get permanently banned.

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