Why League of Legends isn’t Dead

Image - Riot Games

League of Legends has taken a lot of hate during its time, from 2009 all the way to the present day. People hate the game for the bugs that rarely occur, the hate speech that happens in competitive games, and sometimes people flame the game just because they’re terrible at League.

The worst part of all the hatred is that more than 50% of the people who hate League haven’t even played the game! I think that this is ridiculous. The fact that people are talking smack about a game they haven’t even seen is not only humiliating but also extremely depressing.

In my personal experience with League of Legends, I hated the game for the first 50 games I played, but once I finally started to understand the basics, the game seemed more playable. Months passed, and I had played non-stop when BAM, I got an S+.

Screenshot: Yelling at Children

In League, if you perform well, you get a rank spanning from D- to S+. This was the first time I had gotten an S-tier rating… but then… WHA-BAM!

Screenshot: Yelling at Children

I got another S+. This was incredible; I had enough S-tier tokens to make this character mastery 6! This is where the game started to become fun; I was enjoying myself as I played. I created a new rule for anybody that hates League of Legends; they must… Wait a minute…

Screenshot: Yelling at Children

Look at this beauty. The pink gem in the middle looks so much better than the red triangle. Mastery 6 is so cool! Anyway, like I was saying, my new requirement for people to dislike League of Legends is 50 games to ensure they are still feeling like they’re against an even opponent. Show them good games and bad games and how that will happen with every online multiplayer game you play. So, by somebody playing 50 games, they can realise that not everything said by 60-year-old mums on Facebook is true and that League of Legends is not dead, and I recommend it to everybody! (Unless you get angry easily)

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