How GTA has had a Huge Impact on Gaming

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5), created by Rockstar Games, was released on 17th of September 2013.

GTA, a legendary video game franchise, has created a huge impact on gaming history, having many different versions of the game. Rockstar created certain games for each platform. Meaning that the newest GTA (GTA5) can’t run on a mobile device, therefore Rockstar Games has made Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA3: Australian edition and GTA: Chinatown wars, all for mobile. Although the mobile versions don’t have an online option, they’re still enjoyable because of the nostalgia and non-competitive enjoyment.

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With the first GTA (GTA1) being released in 1997, the growth and popularity of GTA has led Rockstar Games to make numerous versions with GTA4 having the biggest spike in popularity prior to GTA5 being released.

With all the first GTA’s released, the first platforms that GTA was playable on were the PlayStation, PC, the Game Boy Colour, and the newer versions of GTA being released to the Xbox in the near future. Before the PS4 and Xbox One were released, GTA5 was played on the Xbox360and the PS3. With the release of GTA5 on the newer consoles, the GTA5 online servers for old-gen were shut down for ever. With the newer consoles like the Ps5 and Xbox Series X, Rockstar Games has released the expanded and enhanced version of GTA. With better graphics and exclusive content that the mainstream GTA5 doesn’t have. For instance: chameleon paint jobs for vehicles, and the ability to purchase other people’s cars with their exact same modifications.

The main Grand Theft Autos are GTA1, GTA2, GTA3, GTA4, and GTA5. With all the GTA’s having a story mode aspect in them. The storylines create the ongoing lore of the GTA universe therefore keeping a common narrative thread through all the games. Within the newest GTA, GTA5, you can see references linking back to the older GTA versions through references to earlier characters and events from earlier games. The main characters in story mode are Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Lester also plays a big part in both story mode and online as he runs the heist like the Diamond Casino, the jewelry store in story mode, and some smaller paying heists.

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The way all the characters meet (Franklin, Trevor, and Michael) is very creative. Whilst playing the prologue and dropping off the cars of to Simion (the car dealership owner) you will walk into a cut-scene with a kid buying a yellow car and Simion arguing with him eventually leading to him selling the car to him and ripping him off. The kid that got ripped off was Michael’s son, Jimmy. When Franklin goes to their house to steal the car back, Michael is hidden in the backseat. Upon Franklin driving the car back to the dealership, Michael pops out from under the blanket and forces Franklin to drive through the window of Simion’s car dealership. As you may know, in the prologue Michael died, but he actually faked his death.

After this event that happened, Franklin goes to Michael’s house to apologise which leads them to be freinds. Michael and Frankin rob a jewellery store, run by Lester, which pops up on the news and a reporter interviews a bystander which tells the news that one of the robbers, Michael, said, “You forget 1000 things a day, how about you make sure this is one of them.” Trevor was watching the news when he said that and instantly knew it was Michael because that was his phrase when they robbed the small bank in the prologue. With the mission of Trevor trying to find where Michael is living now, he eventually reunites with Michael and confronts him about faking his death.

Steven Ogg, the actor who voices Trevor Philips, has appeared in many movies, but his biggest role was in GTA5. As many might not know Steven hates Trevor and regrets taking the role. Most people may wonder why? The reason Steven hates Trevor is because when meeting people they would always refer to him as Trevor, and people often ask him to say some of Trevor’s crude lines in the game. In a past interview, Steven stated, “I don’t want to be remembered as Trevor.” He’s also said that he just wants to be loved, as he’s a nice person whilst all that people know him as is Trevor, a rude, psycho, and chaotic character.  

The other main story mode voice actors, Ned Luke and Shawn Fonteno, both played Michael and Franklin. The other voice actors like Jay Klaitz, the actor of Lester Crest also have a huge impact on the game with both story mode and online.

Me, personally? I would say GTA is one of the best games ever made because of the community, the progression of all the GTAs with GTA6 in development which could potentially be the most realistic game we have ever seen.  Just the fact that there’s no rules and you get to play within the GTA sandbox world. The fact it’s an awesome game to play with others and especially fun with mates, only improves the experience. You will never meet someone that doesn’t know GTA or at least heard of it (Except maybe grandparents).

Image: Rockstar North

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