Gaming is Good

Gaming is a activity that you play on laptop, phone, TV, etc. Gaming has many different game genres. For example: open world games, story games, fighting games, and more. Games have different modes from easy to hard. It’s up to the player to choose, you can be trading, or you can be a fighter.

Gaming can help you have more relationship with anyone, anywhere in the world. In different house in different city or in different country. It can help you keep relationships where you can’t meet them by playing games together. I have some friends in Vietnam and when I came to Australia, I thought we aren’t friends now. But now sometimes we call and play game together and when I come back to Vietnam we still play together.

When you play games, there are benefits that you don’t often think about. Do you know that games can help your vocabulary better? It makes your vocabulary better, it really helps you. When you play game most of the time anything in the game is English, so if you want to understand the game you have to know English. Another thing that helps you learn English is interacting through games. If that person is an English speaker, and you want to play games with them you will get to practice your English!

Playing games can help you practice sensory reflexes too, such as sight, hearing, and feelings. Because when you are playing games you have to bring the information to your hands for you to operate on the keyboard allowing you to move characters in the game. If you play games that require quick reflexes, you can gain another thing, which is hearing. Some gamers can hear their opponents’ footsteps and know where they are.

Games can help you relieve stress. Most video games are fun and engaging. Gaming produces a release of dopamine (the happy hormone) which will make you feel good and help you cope with the stresses of everyday life.

So don’t buy into the media hype that gaming is all bad.

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