South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth is, in my opinion and many others, the best South Park video game to be released. The game is very funny and true to the original show.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, were the ones who wrote the script of the game, and it really shows. The game captures the spirit of the original show so well, along with the looks. However, the game is very censored in some parts of the world, mostly to do with abortions and Nazis. These scenes would be replaced by explanations of what would’ve happened.

Development of the game started in 2009 with Obsidian Entertainment as the developers and THQ as the publishers. However, in early 2013 THQ became bankrupt, so the rights to the game were taken by Ubisoft. After that, the initial release date was postponed from March 2013 to March 2014.

The game starts as if you are the new kid in the neighbourhood. You meet Butters, who takes you to Cartman. Cartman asks for your name there, but no matter what you do, he will call you Douchbag. Cartman teaches you how to fight, and then you start the game. The first part of the game is getting the stick of truth off Jimmy after he steals it. You later do more things, like getting abducted by aliens.

The gameplay is seemingly endless, with hours upon hours of gameplay. However, people have speedrun the game, and the current world record is an hour and nineteen minutes on PC.

This game is considered the best South Park game ever made. The South Park games before weren’t that great; most seemed like generic games with the South Park brand just slapped onto them. The graphics were also horrible, as these games tried to turn a 2D show into a 3D game with the early blocky 2000s games graphics.

Image: Tantalus Interactive

This new game is a massive step up from all the games before, with so much better graphics and the inclusion of a story. The others were just basic games that could be done with anything; however, The Stick of Truth is very genuine to the source material, creating a unique game. The game was so successful that another game was created, named South Park the Fractured but Whole.

The game is great; it’s a huge step up from its predecessors in every department, and the story and writing are amazing and true to the original source. It is also a long game, with tons of gameplay, not to mention its sequel. In all, South Park the Stick of Truth is an amazing game. I would recommend it to all fans or just casual viewers of the show.

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