Exploring the Shadows: A Comprehensive Review of Dying Light and Its DLC, Unveiling Techland’s Gaming Legacy

A comprehensive review and deep dive of Dying Light.

Ahhh, Dying Light is a classic, a game filled with hordes and hordes of zombies that snap at the slightest touch. Dying light is one of my favourite games. It has action, satisfaction, and so much gore. Drop-kicking zombies off of skyscrapers and buildings is my favourite thing to do. Here is a brief summary of the game and the development team behind Dying Light.

Dying Light is a zombie survival crafting game made in 2015 by development studio Techland. Techland has made a few other titles, like Dead Island and the definitive edition of Dead Island. But we are not talking about Dead Island now, are we? Techland worked with other companies while making games from 1999 to 2011, and they then split off from the corporation they were working with and started making Dying light.

Anyway, moving away from that we have Dying light 2 (they are about the same game, so I’m not gonna talk about it that much) Dying light 2 is the sequel of Dying Light and looks incredible. The gameplay is smooth and feels overall better than the first, but every game has its ups and downs. The game is EXTREMELY buggy, and most of the time, you are getting mad at your character for not pulling out your glider.

The game has a wide array of customization options and tons of weapon upgrades and weapons. Zombies now have levels (which Can be turned off in settings) and unique gear. The unique zombies are also pretty cool, from elemental zombies that can electrocute you to a revamped Volatile. The game is full of surprises, twists, and turn. You can also pick a faction that you want to do quests for, and your choices will impact the game’s ending and future missions.

Now we go over to Dying Light the following, set in the countryside. You get to explore a whole new environment and new enemies, and you even get a car! The DLC is worth the $50, and it also comes with a huge amount of bonus stuff like legendary gear, legendary parts for your car and exclusive weapons you just have to buy this DLC!

Overall review: Dying Light is a great game that still gets updated to this very day. The devs at Techland have worked so hard for their spot in gaming history today, and one last note to finish this review off: Dying Light has made such an impact on zombie games today and the gaming community all together. Dying Light is such an enjoyable game that you practically need to play it.

Cokacola – 9/10

Image: Techland

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